When an opportunity to write a script for a movie comes to Ajay, an aspiring screen writer, he is thrilled, more by thought of finally being able to prove him to Jiya, the girl he loves, than the knowledge that this could very well be the beginning of a bright future in the world of celluloid. A robbery being the main theme of the plot, Ajay works hard at getting the script right. Jiya is elated when Ajay is arrested for a crime he didn't commit. Sharad, his friend who had helped him several times in the past, promises to bail him out as soon as possible. Jiya, who has been helping Ajay clear his name, makes a surprising discovery. The fact that she now knows the identity of the killer and the mastermind behind the plot does little to ease her mind.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:Hindi,English,Marathi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Nakshatra 2010 full movies, Nakshatra torrents movie

An aspiring movie-writer gets involved in a diamond heist and goes on the run from the police. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Nakshatra torrent reviews

Vijay R (us) wrote: Another fantastic performance by Shah.

Kristine E (es) wrote: Kjempebra film om det vr ung. Morsom og aktuell :)

Epiphany (us) wrote: Best LDS themed movie I've seen.

Asif K (es) wrote: one of the best movies ever made in bollywood. unbelievably Tour de force magnificent performance by Rani and excellent performance by Amitabh sir. this movie is just brillian. Two thumbs way up. very inspiring movie. a must watch.

Jonny P (us) wrote: "Reindeer Games" is about what you would expect from a Christmas-themed thriller starring Ben Affleck. I wouldn't call the movie bad, but it certainly is not good. The story had interesting potential, as a freed convict enters into a relationship with his dead inmate's mail-correspondence-girlfriend, only to find himself forced into a crime due to his new false identity. Each of the film's twists progressively grow in shock value until the final twist will have you floored. So what is wrong with "Reindeer Games"? It is boring. Charlize Theron was enchanting and Gary Sinise was sleazy, but the story just kind of plodded along between its great surprises. The realism is also spoiled by such a motley crew of criminals who don't know anything about crime. The ending is also pretty bad and could have had a more satisfactory conclusion. If you insist on watching this film because you are a Ben Affleck film (wait, do those exist?) or because the title brings about Christmas cheer, you will enjoy the few surprises but be left with an overall dissatisfied taste in your mouth.

Larry W (it) wrote: Meh.. average disaster movie..

Hillary D (ru) wrote: i am the one and only.. great story

Kim E (nl) wrote: Totally silly movie drawing the last breath of your run-of-the-mill 80s street life movies. Has some cool dance moves in it and some capoeira as well. It has a certain kitsch value which makes it unintendedly humorous.

Mikhail R (ru) wrote: While this movie is at least 10 years old, it tell us about some really advanced technology for deaf and hearing impaired people. I found this film a little monotonous and one-sided with the deaf father of the deaf baby being stubborn and angry all the time. I realize that he probably only has good intentions on his mind, but being in denial as he is, defencive and pushy, wouldn??t help him raise his daughter well. I would have to agree with other people who believe that this kind of parents should be considered ??abusive??. After watching this movie and doing a bit of research on my own, it appears that most times deaf parents strongly oppose any kind of surgical implantation and hearing parents want their kids to be able to hear at any cost. It seems like the entire movie is built around the argument between ??for?? and ??against??. The ??for?? argument mostly concentrates on the fact of the existence of the ??deaf community?? and ??deaf culture??. I??ve got no bad feelings towards such communities, but the sole presence of those sub-societies confirms discrimination and isolation of deaf people. Hearing parents on the other side have a better understanding of being different, and want to provide their kids with better opportunities in life, better quality of life, by allowing them to learn how to communicate through speech while still being young.With my wife being severely hearing impaired, my two most favorite quotes out of the entire movie are: ??the deaf world is changing?? and ??you cant stop the future?? .After talking to my wife we??ve decided that if we were to have a deaf baby, we would most definitely let the technology help us.

Jacob P (nl) wrote: One of the craziest John Waters films to date. Filled with very dark humor and nudity. You might feel the need to shower after watching this one.

Petros T (kr) wrote: Arguably one of the most famous silent comedies, "Safety Last!" spices up its simple plot with the side-splitting gags of Harold Lloyd's everyman persona, before culminating memorably in one of the most suspenseful sequences of its time, the prolonged climb of the Bolton building.

Dan E (ca) wrote: I really like this movie.

Aaron F (au) wrote: never see this fucking movie. EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lora R (ag) wrote: Average movie because the plot just didn't feel right. It felt unrealistic and weird when you get to see the plot twist.