Nam's Angels

Nam's Angels

Some bikers are hired by the CIA during the Vietnam War to rescue a captured agent from the clutches of the Red Chinese army. After a round of drinking, fighting, and whoring around, the cycle gang, led by Big Bill Smith, fix up their Yamahas with machine guns, grenades and armor plating, and storm the enemy camp.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:1970
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:explosion,   battle,   fight,  

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Matthew R (mx) wrote: Filled to the brim with unlikeable characters and the plot seemed convoluted and uninteresting. I typically enjoy Cronenberg's films but was left disappointed upon watching this one.

David B (es) wrote: I first heard of Riding Giants when a guy named Laird Hamilton came on The Daily Show (must have been 2004 or so) and talked about this movie that had been made about big-wave surfing. Now, I'm not a surfer. I'm not even a frequent beach-goer, but I do like to watch the ocean. I also enjoy watching most of the extreme sports that have sort have been born in the last 50 years or so. The director of Riding Giants, Stacy Peralta, did another movie I liked called Dogtown and Z-Boys. Both movies are kind of similar in that they're documentaries about the history and evolution of their respective sports. Dogtown and Z-Boys also dealt with surfers, but it was about surfers who discovered the art of skateboarding. It's not too fresh in my mind, so I'm nowhere near ready to write down my complete thoughts on it, but I think it's worth checking out. I found Riding Giants to be a very satisfying movie experience. I felt like I learned something while being completely entertained at the same time. There is a lot of surf footage throughout to keep the eyes stimulated, and the documentary includes interviews from most of the people who were there when surfing took off. Nay, the interviews include most of the people who made surfing what it is today. The beginning of Peralta's movie has a two minute recap of surfing history up until the 1950's. which is where the focus of this film starts. We hear first hand experiences of some of the judgments made towards these guys. One guy even mentioned that his parents considered his surfing to be like a disease, and that they didn't understand a sport without bleachers or a scoreboard. If my memory serves me right, not a single surfer in the movie refers to it as a sport. For them, it's a lifestyle. I was taken in by the descriptions of what it felt like to be out there in the ocean catching the biggest waves they could. Greg Noll, one of the pioneers of big-wave surfing, compared the ocean to a woman, and his surfing, a love affair. The stories range from fun as they talk about the joys of surfing to tragic as they discuss the dangers of this lifestyle. As I said earlier, the surf footage is enough to keep the eyes awake. I almost feel like this is the kind of movie I could watch muted and still view attentively. Especially as the movie progresses and the waves attempted are bigger and bigger with sharper and sharper footage as cinema technology improves. My favorite quote of the movie came from Laird Hamilton, but it was relayed through his wife. When talking about what it feels like when the ocean is calm and there are no surf opportunities, Laird Hamilton explained "It's like being a dragon slayer, but there are no more dragons." Just emphasizing that surfing is not simply a hobby to pass the time. It's who they are through and through, and I think that's pretty gnarly.

Guilhen G (mx) wrote: Ce dernier Astrix est trs bon. Il suit pas mal la BD dont il s'inspire (Astrix et les Normands) pendant la premire partie du film puis prend un peu plus sa propre histoire dans la suite (en s'inspirant d'un autre album "la grande traverse"). L'ajout de nouveau personnage est bienvenue ainsi que la "modernisation" de quelques rpliques ou gags.Les dessins et l'animation sont splendides et rendent les expressions des personnages encore plus relles.Un superbe dessin anim pour les petits et les grands. a voir en famille (ou non ;-) )

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Joe C (es) wrote: Funny as heck!!! Stanley Tucci steals the show as "Muerte"! Kathleen Turner and Dennis Quaid do a great job as spies who want out of the business but end up getting pulled back in. Lots of good actors in this film. Made me laugh out loud several times. The baby is too darn cute as well! Loved this movie!!!

James B (ag) wrote: Sadly, too low-budget to really score, but the cast tries hard. And the film does manage to crank out some laughs, suspense and action.Worth a look if your not too demanding.

David F (fr) wrote: Intense drama about British boarding school politics with an entrancing recreation of the 1930s era. Good performances as schoolboy characters from the cast as well.

Lewis N (gb) wrote: A rather cool Cavalry officer who, between wars hunts Vampires. First class flick from the chaps who brought you the Avengers.

Jeff R (au) wrote: Yep. When the shit hits the fan it hits hard and steady.And justice is in the eye of the beholder.