Names Engraved in Marble

Names Engraved in Marble

This movie is about the Estonian War of Independence (1918-1920), specifically the students fighting on the nationalist side, but also shown the conflict between two ideologies (Estonian nationalism and communism).

This movie is about Estonian freedom. How Estonian schoolboys fought against Soviet Union soldiers and won freedom in 1918. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mayank A (ru) wrote: Using shocking violence to deliver a message, only thing i can say, it's plausible in America. The production is B grade, the plot is insane (not sure if its good insane or bad insane) and the acting is good.

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Wong Y (ca) wrote: Some clever & interesting puzzles, i wish there were more. The story bizarre as usual but at times rather childish. Too bad, it was decided children should be part of their target audience. After a serious setback of watching a few rotten movies in a row, this is refreshment we all need !

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