The plot of the film illustrates the embankment of two friends on a quest for a lost buddy, who was once an optimistic and successful student. On their journey, they recount their college life and special moments that the three shared up until their lost friend secretly parted ways after convocation. During their quest, the two encounter a rival classmate who once made a long forgotten bet with them, a funeral that goes impossibly out of control, and a wedding they must crash.

Three friends and the successes achieved in their afterlife, due to one of their extraordinary friend. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pierre L (de) wrote: Nice new fresh cinema from china. Good and character craftsmanship well done

Megan P (ag) wrote: HORRIBLE. I was watching this on the sci fi channel and it seemed like they used a small crocodile and then made him bigger whenever he came out of the water. plus the movie had so many plot holes

Wiebke K (gb) wrote: An interesting framing of the documentary, with actors dressed up and reading the voices of the German and US folks who created the safety zone. A very disturbing documentary, brought more to life through the eye witness accounts.

Bjrn G (es) wrote: a very interesting doc but it would have been greater with a younger and faster editing.

Ed H (jp) wrote: cool snowboard history and free-riding down the powder

Piero C (es) wrote: Great Movie, sincere, strong, meaningfull!

Eric P (de) wrote: This Film Has ALOT of Heart and Is An Absolute Charm,Destin To Become A Classic.

Stephanie O (fr) wrote: Great film! It has everything, love, romance, funny moments and dancing!!

Armando B (ca) wrote: Another good but rather bland screwball comedy from the pre-breakdown years of Lohan, even though it fails miserably to pass her off as a more grown-up leading actress...

Bill T (au) wrote: Just ok, some very boring stretches, but Moriarty is a hoot in this.