Nandeeswarudu is a 2012 Indian Telugu-language action film written and directed by Sreeenu Yarajala starring Taraka Ratna. The film is a remake of the Kannada film Deadly Soma

A young law-abiding family son gets into a fight with a rowdy and lands himself in prison. On his release, he turns Nandeeswarudu and starts helping the needy while driving out evil elements from his city. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael P (ca) wrote: his movie is a long mix of awkward sex scenes and "comedy". It's long and boring and concludes with a moral that you can see coming for entire movie. This movie is a no on my list.

Ayan A (kr) wrote: Such an awesome movie

Robert M (jp) wrote: For a true story that was made in quite a simple way, it seems to deserve a good rating. Complimenting along with the good acting, it was a straight-forward film and it may have been a bit slower then it should've been, but it was nice and touching enough to at least say that the overall film is certainly more good then not.

Jack M (gb) wrote: I rented it last night on iTunes and enjoyed it. For an indie it felt like a much larger, higher budget film. While it didn't stray too far into new waters it didn't have the stereotypical ending which I enjoyed. Natalie Morales was awesome and Blayne Weaver can act as his ass off. I actually felt the acting was the strongest part of the film. I'd recommend it. It's not going to overwhelm you but it's well worth the rental.

Michael B (fr) wrote: Not a bad plot idea, just lacking in acting a bit and soul. held my attention, but looking back i wouldnt be missing much if i never saw it.

Greg W (fr) wrote: very cool shoot 'em up heist pic with lotsa action & a cheeky sense of humour!

Riff J (ca) wrote: The only reason it get 0.5* is because it's a movie that has Michael Myers in it, and because they still use the best music score in movie history (with al due respect to Jaws). Without giving away the ending, it's safe to say that this chapter of the franchise is EASILY the worst one and it's an embarassment to itself. The ending is atrocioius and laughable. Any fan of the Halloween need not watch this iteration, because the only thing it will do is leave you fuming at screenwriters/director/producers. And whoever thought this would be a good idea should be checked into a home where they play this movie 24/7... 365.

Lisa K (ag) wrote: This is a cute romantic comedy with huge stars. They each play their roles beautifully. It is just a silly premise but fun nonetheless.

Jeff B (it) wrote: This was just silly.

Julia S (ru) wrote: Mrs. Parker was a gem

Richard N (nl) wrote: The best concert DVD. Really captures the performance and the music

Joel K (gb) wrote: Cueball is a quality villan.

Andy G (ca) wrote: Nailbiter is a good horror movie that takes place in tornado in Kansas. B

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