Não Se Preocupe, Nada Vai Dar Certo

Não Se Preocupe, Nada Vai Dar Certo

Lalau (Gregorio Duvivier) is presented by the country's interior with his show jokes, whose main theme is her father, Ramon Velasco (Tarcisio Meira), an actor who always gets into ...

Lalau (Gregório Duvivier) viaja pelo interior do Brasil se apresentando com um show de piadas. Seu pai, Ramon Velasco (Tarcísio Meira), também é um comediante do show e empresário do filho. Certo dia, Lalau recebe uma proposta milionária para usar seus talentos e fingir ser um famoso Guru em uma palestra motivacional. Em nome da grana, ele aceita a proposta rapidinho mas algo não dá certo e Lalau precisa mais uma vez da ajuda de seu pai que, nas situações mais complicadas, solta o velho bordão: "Não se preocupe, nada vai dar certo". . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carlos R (it) wrote: Please stop. Just stop. Please.

Eric G (us) wrote: Disappointing. An interesting idea but let down by an uninspired and simplistic script. Corneau clearly doesn't understand anything about what happens in the workplace. It's implausible, decors are clinically so clean that it feels the actors are playing on a movie set and nowhere real. Both characters are not believable, and we're not getting the best from Kristin Scott-Thomas or Ludivine Sagnier. It's a miss.

Adrian L (jp) wrote: Dull and lifeless (no pun intended). The book is so much more interesting, one day a proper mystery thriller will be made of it.

Andrew K (ru) wrote: Both of these movies are available for rent. Back by Midnight was Rodney Dangerfields last film before he died, unfortunately it wasnt very funny. A few familiar faces, Randy Quaid and Kirstie Alley, but the whole time watching Rodney in this movie, I couldnt help thinking about a more decrepit version of Wally Sparks, an older character of his. This movie shouldn't of been made, I think they wouldnt have produced it if he was still alive, it would of been considered garbage. 1 out of 10. Flight of the Phoenix was too long for its own good, and boring. They spend the entire fucking movie building that stupid plane, and bitching cause their people keep dying. The original "Flight of the Phoenix" in 1965, was awesome. That version ended with all the crew finding out they never survived the original plane crash, they were all ghosts building that plane. I thought that was a lot better, in this movie (spoiling it) its all........woo hoo, were happy, give the scientist a nobel prise.........were back in america.......woo hoo........we r happy. (credits roll) Absolute shit. (but when they shot that chinese dude, that was funny) It gets an extra point for this. 2 out of 10.

Matthew J (ag) wrote: Not even two great actors can save this mess from being one of the most boring films of all times. It's not funny, amusing or interesting. Only thing that kind of makes worth while are the two masterful performances from Richard Dreyfuss and Danny De Vito and the historical background. The rest is bad.

Alex V (kr) wrote: The performances boost this up to one step above Lifetime. Is a sad story though of helplessness.

Jo S (it) wrote: Nice action packed film. Strays a little from the comic's story line, but sticks to the main principles.

Justin R (ca) wrote: Nice character piece with some good skiing scenes. The naturalistic/cynical approach to the subject feels a little played-out, but probably seemed fresher 40 years ago.