Naram Garam

Naram Garam

Ramprasad is appointed as a house-keeper for Bhavani Shankar Bajpai's ancestral home, won after a hard-fought legal battle. Ramprasad wants to marry Kusum but cannot as he doesn't earn enough or has a decent place to live. Circumstances change and Kusum and her father come and live in the Bhavani Shankar's ancestral home. Bhavani Shankar, his brother and Bhavani Shankar's manager come one by one to evict the trespassers and are infatuated by Kusum. Ramprasad somehow manages to deal with all of them and marries Kusum after assurances to better pay and a nice place to live.

An impoverished employee tries to prevent his superiors and employers from marrying his sweetheart. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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