Based on a shocking true story. An undercover cop puts his life on the line to fight corruption in his department, while trying to take down the biggest Drug Kingpin of New York City. No one can be trusted as the body count rises.

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Brandon W (br) wrote: Slumdog Millionaire is directed by Danny Boyle, and it stars Dev Patel in a British drama film about a slumdog that has gotten to the last question in Who Wants to be a Millionaire, but the detectives think he cheated, and Jamal (Dev Patel) tells his story about every question he answered. I've enjoyed Danny Boyle's later films that start from 28 Days Later to Steve Jobs, but I haven't watched his earlier films like Transpotting or Shallow Grave, but sooner or later I'll get to those. Right now however, let's get to this, which is one of his bests in my opinion. The acting from unknown actors are outstanding that it certainly made Dev Patel well known, especially with this film being a sleeper hit in the box office. The direction is kinetic, but still maintains focus on what it needs to show, and the writing by Simon Beaufoy is tight and well-written that manages to show the negative and positive aspects of India of what it's like living there, but still tells a great story that uses the best use of a show that was popular at the time because it progresses the story greatly, and it actually has reason for being there, and not just shoehorned in only for the sake of commercializing the show. The score by A.R. Rahman is really catchy that feels like he's in his prime here, and it shows, while also putting in some American songs that fit into this film. The characters are memorable as we see the main characters go from little kids to young adults that you start to know a lot about them. It's funny, it's clever, and it is really intense at times when you really want Jamal to win after all that happened in his entire life. It mixes drama elements very well with the feel-good aspects of it, and the chemistry between Jamal and Latika is really good that you can understand why those two guys deserve each other. Slumdog Millionaire is a masterpiece of filmmaking that it's actually one of my favorite films.

Art S (kr) wrote: In keeping with other films by Kiarostami (and the Iranian New Wave of the 1990s), "And Life Goes On" is formally exciting (exciting form-wise?). The plot involves the filmmakers returning to the village of Koker which was the location for the earlier film "Where is the Friend's Home?" (1987) and which has just been hit by a devastating earthquake. The filmmakers hope to find out whether the child star of the earlier film is alive or dead. Indeed, many are dead, but the Iranians interviewed on camera (playing themselves) speak of the tragedy in a comparatively nonplussed way, signifying that life does go on (as does the World Cup in soccer, happening in the background). Of course, given that this is Kiarostami, we don't know exactly how much of this is fiction and how much is nonfiction. There really was an earthquake but as one character reveals, he was coached how to act in the 1987 film and some details about his life were changed. The same may also be true here. In fact, the co-opting of documentary techniques and location footage to shape a highly structured fiction film (that still feels loose and "random") is all part of Kiarostami's style and purpose. The fact that the quest remains incomplete at the end (after the car tries and fails and then succeeds to climb the steep hill) is surely part of the point. A tribute to human persistence.

Louis L (ag) wrote: Truly an underrated treasure. The cast includes Raul Julia predicting the rise of Karl Rove, Richard Dreyfuss as the right man at the right time, and his fringe benefit of a romance with arguably the hottest woman of the time, Sonia Braga. Oddly, many people could benefit by the fantasy of a synthetic Dictator, including the CIA. Enjoy,

Jerico T (de) wrote: Is this a horror mv?

Vee H (us) wrote: It's definitely a sleeper hit that I happened upon on HBO Zone one slow weekend. I found the movie touching. It's not Oscar worthy, but then again, are all movies meant to be?