Nashville Girl

Nashville Girl

A Kentucky-born maiden realizes her dream of becoming a country music star. However, she discovers that her single-minded determination has caused her to lose things far more precious than fame or money when she gets involved with a group of corrupt music executives.

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Doris G (jp) wrote: Inspirational true story movie...

Andrew S (fr) wrote: I really liked this movie. At first it was really funny but it actually took it's self more serious and for once it was a good thing!

Tyler R (mx) wrote: This movie was a mixed bag. The action was very solid and well done but everything else was a basic and a mess.

Mary g (it) wrote: humorous western parody. Laugh out loud John Candy performance is little weak in comedy, but plausible.

Mickaw90 (es) wrote: Typical thriller with good actors. The script could have been better. Chemistry between Mel Gibson and Kurt Rusell worked very good and Michelle Pfeiffer wasn`t just a sexy girl.

Jesael L (ca) wrote: Definately a must watch for those who want character development and gripping atmosphere. Although it takes a different approach to epics about war, this movie grasps the concept of an engaging experience, making you root for the submarine crew like never before.

Phillip D (ru) wrote: Soderbergh's casting is spot on and his world creation is ambitious but he fails on two counts, in regards to pace and story, both of which are badly jumbled in what one might argue is a rather pretentious manner. Soderbergh's inability to truly let Clooney command the screen is also frustrating in many ways. The result is an only interesting piece of obscure science fiction that fails to live up to the high standards of the original source material.