A romantic story set in the early 1990s in post-Soviet Russia.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:89 minutes
  • Release:1993
  • Language:Russian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on book,  

Настя Плотникова, добрая, скромная и неприметная девушка, живет с постоянно болеющей мамой-дворничихой, которая мечтает увидеть свою дочь с кавалером, что у нее никак не получается. Привела случайно в гости пьяного Сашу, да тот наутро все забыл. Ночью помогла она бабушке донести велосипед до дома, и та сказала, что выполнит два ее заветных желания. И Настя захотела быть красивой и красивой стала, после чего жизнь ее резко изменилась. Все мужчины были ею очарованы, но счастья это не принесло. Внутренняя красота Насти оказалась важнее, просто ее мало кто замечал. А красоте слишком многие завидовали и за красотой не видели Насти... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Maymay A (ag) wrote: What a tearjerker. Worth the heartache though.

Andy K (ru) wrote: This movie is just badass. Oscar worthy acting.

Mark S (ag) wrote: Great teen flick about growing up in the 70's...

AnthonyMoreno The Definition o (au) wrote: Reason: sounding okay.

Thomas C (jp) wrote: Nothing of interest here.

Directors C (it) wrote: The animation is very bad and not detailed at all. This animated adaption of the Dickens classic novel may have good voice acting but everything else is without a doubt entirely dull and without magic.

Lucas Y (nl) wrote: Unoriginal desperate attempt to cash in on the Macaulay Culkin classics, but really not that bad of a movie. If you're a kid, you'll like it. I certainly did when I was 13. Alex Linz is good and there are some cool things they added, like the remote car and parrot. This didn't need to be made, but it's far from an abomination.

REES R (nl) wrote: laugh out loud sequel , but not entirely for kids .

Kate L (ru) wrote: The story is predictable, and worse still, characterization of the heroine was stereotyped, prejudiced, and incredibly dull. Mr. Mamet disappointed me with this one. He has other good stuff, I know.

Bradley K (gb) wrote: Though not a terrible film it does suffer from all around cheapness and general listlessness. Considering how much banal "character development" the audience must endure the pay off is a weak reward.

Tyler H (es) wrote: Hicksploitation at it's absoulte finest! Claudia Jennings 'the queen of redneck cinema' was excellent as Desiree, the backwoods Cajun girl getting revenge on the hillbillies who killed her sister. The swamp setting was great, and the boat chases throughout the film were shot perfectly. 5/5

Eric J (nl) wrote: Greta Garbo was superb in this classic comedy that she should have won the Oscar for. Ran a tad long but had a great mix of comedy and character development.

Juliana D (fr) wrote: This movie was the worst. It is a great film to use as an example for classes on misogyny. Truly if young men are learning life lessons from garbage like this it's no wonder we have the assault and abuse problems we have today. Wilson's repeated abuse and harassment of the women in the show is portrayed as endearing and quirky instead of for the violating filth that it is. The entire plot revolves around why this guy should get his way even though he doesn't appear to deserve shit. Anti sex work, anti mental health, anti women, flattening of spirituality... it really has it all

Jens S (ru) wrote: Not far into the film there is a scene so incredibly terrifying and mind-blowing, depicting the pointlessness and cruelty of war like only the opening of Saving Private Ryan managed so far. From there, we follow the beginnings of a love story in flash backs while Law is trying to make his way back to Kidman from war. The people he encounters and situations he has to endure are incredibly dire and pessimistic, leaving little space for hope. The film is very beautifully shot and the story is engaging even through some slower parts. Whether you like the ending or not is for each to decide, I suppose.

Dan M (it) wrote: Despite the title this has nothing to do with the New England Patriots(:ahem: Cheatriots). This had all the typical Harrison Ford action movie elements, family in trouble.. big climatic fight scene at the end. In fact I was waiting for him to yell 'Get off my boat!' at the end. Too predictable and nothing special about this one. Even Samuel L. Jackson's small part isn't really meaningful.