Guna is a village labourer in the hinterlands of Maharashtra. Holding a passion for the 'tamasha' theatre shows, he decides to start his own troupe. Instead of the prestigious role of the king he always dreamed of, he ends up having to play a 'nachya', an effeminate, homosexual man. He goes ahead with the decision, which forever changes him and his family, as he ends up torn between his artistic passion and his societal prestige.

A poor working man loses his job and decides to start a theater troupe. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Natarang torrent reviews

Rebecca B (es) wrote: It was ok, but rather predictable. I still enjoyed it though.

Kelly K (ag) wrote: This was hilarious! I could never actually see them together, but they managed to make it seem possible. So for that it was interesting. Not sure it's really worth seeing though.

pun v (es) wrote: Likes: -the cleverness in there whole plan they had from start to finish dislikes: -The movie leads on to nothing its just a bad idea in my opinion -movie was very boring What could have made it fresh: the only way i could think to make this movie fresh would be to change the whole script up and advance the story insted of spending the whole time on what happend they should have done a past sequence for half the movie than the present for the last half I dont recomend to watch this movie it was quite ... well shit.. lol i fell asleep and as i said in the past thats a very rare thing for me this movie does no keep you intrested enough

Tim M (br) wrote: Terrible. I couldn't get through 30 minutes. It's Undisputed 3: Redemption, but with essentially no plot or characters, bad direction and shot with an old phone.

Trevor C (mx) wrote: The process of which the story of this man is revealed is absolutely amazing, especially to me, someone who has never heard of him before. The film has a sort of wonderful style and mixed with Phillip Glass's music presents itself as not only a seen, but heard piece of art. It's hard to describe the complexity behind the life of this man and how his writings are contributed in the film, but the sets and dialogue are wonders on their own along with the rest. In a way its like a Japanese King's Speech because of the stuttering youth of the main character and how he grows to gain confidence, and then lose it, and then gain it again. It's very emotionally touching on many levels, but also very depressing (though juxtaposed by its bright colors). A stutterer is powered by the written word, and his best friend has his own disability ('frog legs' its called in the film) which makes it difficult for him to walk. Early in the film its interesting to see how they, with their own disabilities work together - one can talk and get the ladies, while the other can help him walk. Soon our protagonist goes to war in air raid duty and takes the pen name Yukio Mishima and writes poems and short stories. It seems by this time he gains the ability to speak clearly, though he still seems nervous. Certain moments in his life is either portrayed with bright colors or black and white - war, being a darker time, is portrayed in black and white, while memories of almost making love to a woman (like what is seen earlier in the film) is in bright color). The film lies on various levels of reality and fantasy though it's all biographically based on reality itself. Everything can be contributed to the emotions and feelings of the protagonist and how his mind is either constantly in thought of chaos or whatever simply because of what we see around him, and what we hear, and so on. This is a real visual and emotional treat and shouldn't be missed.

Paul P (mx) wrote: Excellent pair of actors.

Uriel G (au) wrote: What makes this film an extremely appreciable work of cult is both cinematography similar to the 80's and the megalomaniac, racist, misogynist and psychotic character that Christian Bale plays so well that you only have two options: Love him or hate him.

John A (ru) wrote: Stephen King Presents This Uneven But Entertaining Trilogy Of Short Stories Seamlessly Linked Together By A Cat. All Three Stories Are Greatly Written By One Of The Masters Of Horror. This Film Has Great Performances From Both James Woods & Drew Barrymore. However This Is An Average, Decent And Enjoyable Horror Film However. Although The Stories May Be Well Written But The Script Is Terrible In Some Places. Director Lewis Teague Does A Solid But Average Job But Does Do His Best With What Is Provided.

Carlos I (de) wrote: Really fun and unique throwback to Harryhausen. With such a despicable lead it's surprising to have such a great bunch of character performances. Their interplay is interesting and keeps you engaged.

Adam B (gb) wrote: I absolutely love this movie. Jack Black was born for this role

Michael O (it) wrote: Nothing special here.