• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:28 minutes
  • Release:1999
  • Language:Swedish,Finnish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:youth,   hospital,  

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Nattflykt torrent reviews

Jayakrishnan R (kr) wrote: 62%Saw this on 19/4/16Fast paced, mildly etertaining (for the intelligent and the intellectual) and elevated by the scrren presence of actors Manoj Bajpayee and Anupam Kher. However, a predictable and simply illogical plot with countless loopholes made it hard for me to enjoy this in its second half.

Asif K (gb) wrote: LOL !!!!!!! ??????? whaaaaaaat???

Jared T (mx) wrote: Professor Layton is a video game masterpiece that I only discovered recently. When I heard there was a movie, I thought it would just be another lackluster waste of time to add to the collection. My hopes were raised though when i found out it was an anime, and was done by the same people that did the cutscenes in the game. I had to do some searching in order to find it, but it was well worth it. I thought the movie would be mostly about solving puzzles like in the games, but is actually more like the mystery subplots. It has the art style you would expect from on of the games, and the animation and music are well done. The movie can even be sad and touching at times, and adds to the movies appeal. Luke, here's my answer: this one's a keeper.

Waleed A (mx) wrote: this movie started out very interesting and entertaining. then it got weirder and weirder, worse and worse as it went on. overall it was pretty bad. Tom Hardy's acting job is so impressive. he seriously can do anything. (1 viewing)

Anthony I (de) wrote: Javier Bardem is astounding here. Absolutely transformative. Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu once again shines tremendously as a director. But I couldn't really grasp hold of the film, as much as I wanted to.

David M (us) wrote: 5 Centimeters per Second is a movie that is definitely needed in the movie industry nowadays. This film tugs at the emotional strings and leaves you with a lump in your throat, a weak gut and tears. The japanese sure know how to bring out emotions. This movie is a wonderful masterpiece that leaves your body aching through the emotions it puts you through. A beautiful film without a doubt. It may drag at times but the end will without a doubt still provide a gut wrenching experience. Absolutely beautiful.

Joshua R (nl) wrote: Blood Diamond, have some great performances on it, it's a compelling story about a hard to talk problem that had or keeps happening on the real world, which make this movie so intense.

Claudette A (nl) wrote: Actually I liked this film as it kept my interest (and I'm not a sea person by far).

Dean M (au) wrote: Whoo! I'm starring at gorgeous Erika Eleniak's hot body again, since her TV series' Baywatch, in this good wild ride and chase comedy film.

Scott C (au) wrote: Not as good as the first film, but still on the fun side.

Kenneth B (kr) wrote: Bizarre, erotic, compelling, scary...I could carry on with the adjectives. I watched this in its 'longest version', according to the Mark Kermode introduction. He is right about the power of this film. If there is a more 'complete' version out there then I can't wait to see it.

Andrew G (ca) wrote: Enjoyable Bond Knockoff. Fun to watch.

Riccardo R (mx) wrote: Aspettandomi un film di merda, alla fine sono uscito dal cinema abbastanza soddisfatto. vero che alcuni argomenti sono trattati un po' superficialmente e che le idee originali spuntano fuori solo marginalmente, ma nel complesso il lavoro ha un buon ritmo che non mi ha annoiato. In definitiva proprio questo che cerco in questo genere di film.P.S. Ma quanto figa la Theron?

Liam C (nl) wrote: I actually thought Snake Eyes was pretty impressive and very smart. As everyone has mentioned, the film looked amazing and the first 20 minutes were remarkable. I liked the cast of Nicolas Cage and Gary Sinise they had some very good chemistry on set which makes the climax all the more hard to watch. If they weren't the main roles the film would have been boring. Gary's presence was strong and demanding and Cage was the lovably eccentric cop who was duty bound to solve the case. I liked the story and the way it unfolded but it could have been done better, but in what way I don't know. The music was good to and helped set the scene all the more. For taking place in one arena it was definitely good and I was never bored with it. The shooting happened a little too early for my liking but that being said the action never stopped and it kept me interested, the finale was a payoff, just as you think it could all go terribly wrong...