The story about a man who's trying to get rid of his memories from his past. He grew up in an upperclass-family in a castle and now revisits the castle with his fioncee.

Jan (Keve Hjelm) fights impotence (literal and symbolic) and anguished childhood memories in a decadent Swedish castle where risqué parties and daring scenes defy 1960s' movie censorship, reaffirming the ground-breaking role of Swedish films in helping advance adult, sexually concerned themes in international cinema. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Nattlek torrent reviews

Diana B (ag) wrote: Just rewatched this - still as cute as ever.

Ritabrata M (es) wrote: A fun movie with comedy bits and sad bits. Nothing out of the ordinary but it has it's charm. If you wanna kill 2 hours with some quirky characters then this movie is for you.

Jacob D (it) wrote: Disgusting, filled with a freaky concept and somewhat brutal. This movie provides popcorn entertainment and even gives some scares, but not enough scares to come off as being an outstanding flic.

EWC o (ag) wrote: trys to channel Tarantino and fails, as well as brig excessively and pointlessly violent. However, several parts are filmed interestingly

Will L (gb) wrote: While it has many truly funny and clever moments (particularly a self-deprecating cameo from teen movie staple Molly Ringwald), they don't outweigh the unintelligent vulgarity enough to make it quite as funny as some of the better spoof movies out there.

Nick L (nl) wrote: Hilariously bad and will haunt your dreams for days to come. Hahaha, slow-mo bullet time out of freakin' nowhere!

Chosen 7 (ag) wrote: Good film. Decent performance by Jason London, great performance by Mickey Rourke, and a scary performance by Stephen Baldwin. Sheryl Lee is sexy.

Miquel J (ru) wrote: Great movie but it's almost too long. Does a good job telling three separate stories and the effects of each...kinda like Amores Perros

Eric N (ag) wrote: At times I felt it was unrealistic, but it turned out to be a little smarter than the average bear and there was sort of a reason behind it. A very solid 8/10 kinda movie though.

Mr Andrew Sly k (ru) wrote: Jim Aparo is a Genius my Favourite artist Contemporary just like his friend The iconic Andy warhol!

Sgt C (nl) wrote: (53%) An 80's sleaze picture with more brains and decent acting than usual with these movies. A main draw to this now is to see Michael (no J at this point) Fox in an early role in which he does have quite a bit of screen time, and looks very young, particularly compared to his school mates, and it is no wonder why he played a 17 year old whilst in his twenties for his most famous role yet to come. The movie still is somewhat shocking, mainly because metal detectors in schools and the like have now become widespread in certain parts of the world, which is a little sad. The flick really is more of a drama than anything else so don't expect too much horror (although the wood work room death is a grisly highlight) or action for that matter, and for that much alone it's still worth tracking down, and even if the opening and closing theme song from Alice Cooper is pretty awful, and overall the movie is far from great. But it's still worth a look mainly for fans of these hard-edged 80's films, or those that want to see Fox in an early gritty move before he became a world wide star.

Joshua L (it) wrote: Cute and minor Disney production typical of the studio's '70s product.

Diana R (de) wrote: An entertainingly strange movie with just the right amount of WTF for me.

Bernie M (de) wrote: Once again, very stupid, lots of fun. Statham is back as the indestructible Chelios, and I couldn't be happier with this sequel. More of the same dumb action from the first movie, but that's fine since I loved the first movie. Not to be taken seriously, and you definitely have to turn your brain off for this one. You thought the first one was dumb, this one is even dumber. Still a great action movie with a great badass in Statham, and I'll almost definitely end up watching them back to back again. Good stuff.

Konrad R (ru) wrote: Might be a decent action movie but tries too hard to be something more.