• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:113 minutes
  • Release:1986
  • Language:Norwegian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:escape,   ocean,   boat,  

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Nattseilere torrent reviews

Christopher M (kr) wrote: Not every movie, can be great. I fell asleep.

Aakash G (gb) wrote: how good a actor might be,nothing can save a shitty script from failing unless and untill it reads the name SALMAN KHAN in the credits.Vidya for a reason looks too loud and over the top peppy n energetic since she did ghanchakkar with emraan hashmi but seemed a bit over the line for this role.her other movie ganchakkar i still feel was more entertaining and fun than this.the suspense is there till the last half an hour and so is a bit of humour here and there but nothing much more than that :)

Mike A (it) wrote: hilarious! if you like SNL you will love this movie! "I feel like I'm shitting a knife!"

amber w (ag) wrote: don't no if i've seen it but will see it again if so

Sandrine M (ru) wrote: This film turned me away from religion even more. Both the catholics and protestants closed their ears to what happened in the concentration camps. A terrible movie on a terrible episode of the second world war.

Viet Phuong N (es) wrote: As Tucci had already been a frequent stage actor at the time he made this film, no wonder why "Big Night" is tightly constructed like a three-act play with very simple, small and distinctive setting, strong focus on emotional development of the characters, and, of course, many conversations and gesture language - which are actually not my favorite since I prefer "eye acting" through close-up shots (that is why I almost do not enjoy David Mamet's works and the early films by Woody Allen). As such, the film is really enjoyable (and indeed delicious with many incredible Italian dishes) but not really admirable to me - watching a play with a short (although very meaningful) story spanning consecutively for a very short period of time (one day, to be exact) with almost no twist-and-turn or intimate moments is no fun to me. Still, the simplistic ending of the film is really really touching, well directed and well meaning - (SPOILER) nothing in the world can be more delicious and cherishable than a simple breakfast of omelette alongside with the one you love.

Sarah F (gb) wrote: I would like to see this, i think...

Juli (ca) wrote: Loved it as a kid; now M'Shia does!

Allen O (ca) wrote: Another 80's classic!

Ashley H (kr) wrote: Divorce American Style is a surprisingly intelligent film. Dick van Dyke and Debbie Reynolds worked well together. The movie was smartly directed by Bud Yorkin. Norman Lear did a good job co-writing this script. This biting satire died at the box office at the time of release but was well-made. The film was quite a revealing comedy about the ins and outs of marriage and divorce. Divorce American Style is a must see if you're a fan of comedies.

Paulina T (it) wrote: After seeing Bali with my own eyes couldn't resist seeing it again through a movie camera lens with a middle-class-well-off-American filter on it...

Anders A (br) wrote: Hopefully not Lynch's final movie. The subconscious darkness unfold a thousand empires. As the story diverge into another doom love story of death, going from high class to the bloody streets of pulling tricks. It's a endless long dark travel into the core of pain.

Andy N (it) wrote: Superman Unbound is a mized bag. The action is pretty awesome, but the story is kind of lacking and the dialog goes from good to bad in about every other scene. With Unbound it feels like maybe the writers wanted to go big and violent and overall epic but the DC bigwigs made them reel it in and cut out all the gore because they wanted a more familial affair. There's scenes which are just awesome because robots with the Scorpion "Get Over Here!" ability punch holes through people's faces and you see blood spurt from the back of their heads. Then Superman flies in and rips all the robots to pieces. It makes for a good rental, but Superman Unbound feels too restrained to add to the DCUA collection sitting on one's shelf.

Cattera Y (kr) wrote: The HeatSandra Bullock plus Melissa McCarthy is a great combination for a 'hot' buddy cop movie

Ryan H (us) wrote: It was entertaining at times. Even though it was extremely biblical inaccurate I had somewhat of a good time. It also felt like it went on for 20 minutes to long.50/100