Naughty @ 40

Naughty @ 40

Laxminarayan Kapoor lives a wealthy lifestyle in London along with his religious wife, Maya; son Ravinder; and two nephews, Sandeep and Randeep. While the nephews have adapted themselves to the country and women, Ravinder is still a virgin at 40, and is a sleep-walker. After getting his leg pulled constantly, he asks his father to get him married, and is introduced to a statuesque beauty - who rejects him after discovering his sleep-walking disorder. His parents then get him married to Gauri, and he hopes to end his celibacy, in vain albeit, as she turns out to be child-like and naive. Frustrated, unable to get intimate he befriends a Caucasian female, Sharon, and decides to marry her. Watch what response he gets, and the impact this has on everyone.

A 40 year old male virgin with sleep-walking problems finds true love after getting married to a naive child-like woman. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul F (au) wrote: Extraordinary profound documentary on the assassination of George W in 2007. Of course, it never happened...but... what if? Extremely authentic.

Frances H (kr) wrote: Gentle little family drama with the message of familial love and tolerant understanding.

Chad D (es) wrote: Stretching the concepts of the first one a little too far, and with some appalling acting, this Wishmaster is strictly for die hard horror fans.

Diego Martn (us) wrote: Esta peli,me gusto,me parecio muy entretenida 8/10

John F (ru) wrote: Wonderfully oddball British comedy that really ought to have major cult status.

Indu R (au) wrote: This movie was alright, not as good as the original. Still funny and entertaining.

Nicki M (ca) wrote: Not going to lie, this is awful. I remember years ago as a child, I would see the advertisements for this in the video store window (for VHS, no less, how much am I showing my age!). Always kind of amused and tickled me seeing the ghoulie head sticking out of the toilet. Of course, there was no way I was renting that one - we didn't even have a video player at this stage! When I saw it and the sequel for $2 secondhand yesterday, I literally couldn't resist. So far only watched this first installment. Not sure I could describe the plot if I tried, but basically, it starts off many years ago in a creepy old mansion where some people are doing a satanic ritual which will end in the sacrifice of a baby. The baby is saved by one of the members and it all goes to hell. Flash forward 20 years later, and the baby is all grown up and has inherited the mansion, which he moves into with his girlfriend. He finds an old occult book and slowly the evilness from the past is channeled through him. That's pretty much it. There are gaping holes in the plot, so it's actually better not to over think it. Instead, enjoy the sheer badness of it all - green possessed eyes, puppets (why the ghoulies are there I have no idea, and quite honestly, the green ones are more cute than scary), levitation and a leading lady with a very unique appearance, which lends itself well to this not so creepy horror film.

Nikhil N (nl) wrote: I have grown up to Indian cinema, from Malayalam to Hindi; and at times even Tamil. So I guess it is safe to assume that my love for cinema has stemmed from these films. While a lot of Indian films have fascinated me, and a lot of them are truly great, I had never found a movie which I could absolutely love head-over-heels. A film which has enriched me and with which I have no gripes. Cinema at its best - is what I call it. Across both Malayalam and Hindi films, not one film had moved me enough for me to give it a perfect 5; An Indian film to include to my Masterpiece column. That is, until I watched a small little 2013 independent film directed by Anand Gandhi, The Ship Of Theseus (TSOT).It was the same year everyone went gaga over The Lunchbox (I loved it too!), and went bonkers when it wasn't selected as our official entry for the Academy Awards.Though it was praised by both critics and contemporary filmmakers, TSOT didn't gather much attention, and went into oblivion. Until of course it won the National Film Award for best feature film.The title itself is very complex. Taken from the famous Greek philosophical thought experiment, Ship Of Theseus refers to Theseus Paradox, which raises the question as to whether an object which has all its components replaced, remains fundamentally the same object. The movie itself begins asking us the same, and then goes on to tell us three seemingly different stories, first of a blind Egyptian photographer who is unsatisfied with her results following her restored vision, then of a monk whose very faith is at crossroads with his life and leaving him to choose, and that of a young stockbroker who is grappled with questions pf ethics and morality after undergoing a kidney transplantation. To talk anything more about the plot would be blasphemous and would ruin your experience. Suffice to say debutant Gandhi masterfully intertwines three different stories, while posing pertinent questions regarding your identity, i.e, whether you are the same person you were years ago.The movie itself has taken a subject so bold and ambitious that you will be bowled over by it. It raises questions of faith, morality and identity while skillfully contemplating the cycle of life and death. Gandhi amazed me with the confidence with which he handled the subject without once faltering. The attention to detail is apparent right from the first frame. Little things, like the monk Maitreya's young lawyer friend's name, Charvaka (in reference to the ancient Indian athiest) and the term "Pastafarian" (an allusion to the followers of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster), shows the hard work behind this exquisite work.The performances are exceptional. From casting Aida El-Kashef as the blind photographer Aaliya, to Neeraj Kabi as the ailing monk Maitreyi, Gandhi has displayed a talent for picking unknown faces and getting the best out of them. Most of the actors are amateur, so as scale down the budget but at no point does this hamper she artistic value of the film. Neeraj Kabi, with his disarming smile, sweet voice and ethereal face, has put in a brilliant performance as the monk tormented by his internal conflicts. His conversations are exceptionally written and his interaction with his friend Charvaka is something like intellectual fodder for the viewers.Talking about mere technicalities would only undermine the greatness of his film. Everything, from the screenplay, dialogues, cinematography, editing from casting is as it should be - perfect. The music skillfully complements to the film's narrative and contributes to the film's overall ambiance. What is so beautiful is the subtlety with which Gandhi has handled the subject. The movie prompts us to think (how many Indian movies actually manage to do that?) and motivates us to a self-introspection, on our very identity and beliefs.The Ship Of Theseus is one of the few movies which have been a spiritual experience for me. The ambition and flair that Anand Gandhi has displays has rarely been surpassed and his talent is up there with legends like Orson Welles, Stanley Kubrik and Terrence Malick .The Ship Of Theseus is up there with 2001:A Space Odyssey and The Tree Of Life for being philosophically stimulating and morally ambiguous. At the end, the paradox is still unanswered, and that is how it is supposed to be. It is a movie that every Indian cinephile has been waiting for years. And now that it has arrived, let us cherish this masterpiece for all that it is. For we may not get another gem like this!

Nick S (br) wrote: 4 stars for puppet sex