Naughty Jatts

Naughty Jatts

Three rural men chase the same girl.

Three jatts are running for one girl. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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April R (fr) wrote: It is slow and predictable. The acting is solid. Worth watching if you don't have anything else to watch. Don't think it will thrill you, but it doesn't suck. A couple sweet scenes, a couple funny scenes but nothing that is going to make you roll on the floor in fits of laughter or have you wanting to watch it again.

Prashant W (ag) wrote: This movie will make you proud that you are an Indian. Some great philosophy is at the core of it.

Andrew S (au) wrote: Because almost everyone has heard about the McDonald's coffee case, and most people believe they know what it's about, this project has a fascination for people. Of course, we go much further into the debate than just the McDonald's coffee case, but the case is a vehicle for people to think about their long held beliefs and whether they are valid. We think this movie has the potential, with the right funding and effort, to really change the way people think about our civil justice system and access to the courts.

Sid J (ca) wrote: one of the worst INSPIRED movies ever made...kung fu panda?!?!?! bullshit...nikhil advani needs a life...prolly...and yeah...akshay kumar can never be even close to srk or aamir...they are wayyy to ahead...!!!! one of his worst performances...TOTALLY!!!the 2 stars are only for deepika whoz looking HOTTTTT!!! :)

Kyle M (gb) wrote: The return to the Never Land world levels to the original animated classic with harmless derivational beauty and creativeness to build up a pleasant charm and a heart, especially touching reality in some connective situations. (A-)(Full review coming soon)

Olli P (it) wrote: Yet another movie really well describing what emerges from injustice, greed and indifference. This is a historical movie based on the real story on corruptness of church in wilderness of northern Norway, Kautokeino, which makes this movie very special and rare in its kind with respect to the context. As, myself, being one who has been hiking around there many times, meeting the people and loving the nature and culture there, I felt this movie very near to my heart. Reminding me again how many good hearts have been and still are killed in this world. It is not big a money stuff in Hollywood style but where you need the money where the great effects and reality is there - just there where you shoot with your camera, the setting is still there...

Brian H (ru) wrote: What did you expect from a video game turned movie? Scorpion and Subzero were the only two phenomenal fighters in the movie and the rest were subpar .

Ben P (gb) wrote: This was like a bond film only without him bedding so many women. I usedto love this film when I was younger. It's got gadgets, cars, guns. Sure it's really cheesy but it's meant to be (I hope).

Russell G (ru) wrote: A real cheapy noir, but packed with style and flare. The last 15 minutes play nearly silent with a fantastic chase through some sewers. Good stuff.

Niloo R (au) wrote: every character in this film is THE WORST. i hated them all ... especially fucking greenberg. he should just do the world a favour and commit suicide ....