Naughty Novelist

Naughty Novelist

Darian is a successful journalist but when she moves to a new town she starts looking for work. When she answers an ad in the local paper she finds the job is writing lesbian erotica and its not long before fantasy becomes reality.

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Bernie C (kr) wrote: Lue' McWilliams shows her versatility in a tour de Force playing with a brilliant believable cast of actors. The scenery and photography were breathtaking. Excellent direction.

Clapperboard Y (gb) wrote: Robert Schwentke delivers a solid, well acted and entertaining ride. The camera is positioned well and the visual style is gorgeous, but the films charm comes from its humour, cast, and its overall arcs that our main protagonist goes through.

Bobby D (us) wrote: Well, I like documentaries,and I like off-beat documentaries even better, so this one looked promising. I never realized that so many people lived out there on the mesa, in Arizona, but I must admit that although I'm a bohemian at heart, the thought of no shower or bath for 4 weeks at a time was a little daunting... There are some cool cats out there, though. And a lot of mentally ill people, too. I guess you get to be very real with everyone if you're living in that place, but, well, I'm not quite ready to move out there. A lot of coarse language (which I expected) and some nudity in this documentary. And some interesting (and sad) stories. Ultimately, that's what I liked about it. The stories were there. The people were real. And that's right up my alley!

Jo H (jp) wrote: Eddie Murphy is good and good to look at, Angela Bassett likewise. But it looks like they couldn't get a ruling on whether this was to be a comedy or a scary, tried to combine the worst elements of both and came up with a mess. The supporting cast mainly overdo it in an attempt to be funny and while a few swear words are all right for emphasis or underlining, the "F" and "M--F" words come up with very tedious and monotonous regularity (like 17 times in three sentences. Don't bother, definitely not one of Murphy's best efforts. He has done and can do better than this mess.

Graham D (kr) wrote: Nice little rom com.

evelyn c (mx) wrote: no description for the movie here, but trust me u cannot expect much about a movie who presents u with a banker of sorts, turned beach volleyball player

Curtis L (de) wrote: Your typical thriller. One of those see it or not movies, it won't change your life either way.

Filippo V (es) wrote: Un'opera di proporzioni gigantesche che ripropone sul grande schermo una storia stupenda. Il film colpisce sotto tutti gli aspetti tecnici ma sono gli effetti speciali a prevalere, anche se un pelo datati riescono ancora oggi a stupire. I personaggi sono ben caratterizzati e grazie alle situazioni che si vengono a creare si in costante ansia nei loro confronti. Sar dura riuscire a pareggiare o addirittura superare la qualit offerta da Peter Jackson, ma spero proprio che il nuovo film su King Kong ne sia all'altezza.

Jacob M (fr) wrote: It's one of the most complex films ever made. A film directed by Sam Peckinpah, Major Dundee was intended to be a huge epic western, but since Peckinpah was a heavy drinker, the studio fired him and eliminated most of his material and released their version with negative reviews. After Peckinpah's death, the studio found most of Peckinpah's missing footage and restored it back into the film, releasing an "extended version". My experience of Major Dundee was this "extended version" and, while I can't say it's better than the theatrical version or not, Major Dundee is a clear reason why I'm not a super huge fan of the Western genre.Major Amos Dundee (Charlton Heston), a Union officer, is head of a Confederate prison in New Mexico. When Apache Indians abduct some young kids, Dundee hires a crew, including Confederate prisoners, led by Capt. Benjamin Tyreen (Richard Harris), an old friend of Dundee before turning Confederate, to find the Indians and retrieve the kids. What Dundee doesn't know is the quest will lead them down to Mexico and tensions between him and Ben will heat up higher.Other stars in the film include Jim Hutton as Lt. Graham. James Coburn as Samuel Potts, and Senta Berger as a Mexican widow who falls for Heston.If you look at the film closely, you'll see similarities to the Western classic The Searchers, a story about a crazed man racist towards an Indian race and looking for abducted children. The Searchers is a true Western classic, with an epic storyline, a spectacular performance from John Wayne, and filled with adventure, comedy, and drama. Major Dundee, on the other hand, fails miserably. Now I have to be honest, I loved the opening sequence, involving an Indian attack at a village and the burning of buildings. That sequence alone had potential that this was going to be a great film. But, shortly afterwards, the film goes downhill fast. For one thing, there's too many characters to count, and it's hard to care for people have been poorly developed. Take James Coburn for example. All he does in the film is make grand announcements to others, and his part was wasted. Jim Hutton was also a waste and I couldn't care for his character much. What makes The Searchers a great classic is how epic the journey is. In Major Dundee, however, the journey is dull, dull, dull, and dull. While the cinematography stuns, everything else falls flat. Even worse in the story, is that long before the halfway mark, an old Apache returns the kids to the army, so Dundee returns them home and continues to search for the Apaches. Well, if you got the kids back, then what's the point? In The Searchers, you had to wait until the end in order to see the kids, and the journey took five years. By the time the scene I mentioned happened, it hit an all-time low, and the film got worse and worse and worse.The other problem I had with the story is this; Why is the French in Mexico? The French had nothing to do with the story, so why are they the bad guys now? I thought that was racist. If people complain that The Searchers is racist, then this film is a whole lot worse.Charlton Heston is one of the best actors in his day. He excelled me, and others, as Moses in The Ten Commandments, and wowed in his Oscar-winning performance in Ben-Hur. In Major Dundee? He's the biggest problem. Heston was a huge miscast, and felt no sympathy for his character when making the quest. For one thing, Heston's character was so stupid that I'm surprised that he was ever a Union officer. I'd thought I'd never say this, but Richard Harrs's character, the Confederate leader, had more common sense than Heston's character, and I'm not a Confederate supporter. Harris had better acting than Heston, and was the only performance worth mentioning.Heston gets involved in a romance later in the film, and it bores. The film has some action sequences, and they bore as well. Most of them were filmed in the night, so most of the time, you can't tell what's going on. But when you can tell what's going on, the scenes are stupidly-crafted, boring, and lazy. Major Dundee is a big reason why I'm not a huge fan of the Western genre. It promises something epic and turns into a dull disappointment. The acting, with the exception of Richard Harris, is dull, the action sequences are poorly made, and the epic journey is a boring waste. I wasted two-and-a-half hours of my life watching this dull, racist, junk. If you want to watch a real Western, watch Rio Bravo. Watch The Searchers. Watch even The Magnificent Seven. Avoid Major Poopee at all costs, and you'll do a great favor to the whole world. The more it's avoided, the better.

Alex (it) wrote: Good old 80s conspiracy thriller from Charles Bronson. Okay story, good action, kinda weird... odd thing going on will Jill Ireland, as the First Lady, and then with Jan Gan Boyd as Bronson's horny, younger partner, constantly trying to get him into bed, paranoia everywhere and so on

Daniel K (ag) wrote: 2.5: Audrey Hepburn in Europe movies are pretty funny. They're kind of like their own little sub-genre. She is basically always in a different city and in love with a different, and much older, huge Hollywood star: William Holden, Fred Astaire, Gregory Peck, and Gary Cooper all come immediately to mind. She certainly has this kind of role down pat. The Marlene Dietrich cameo is pretty funny. It's an interesting structure for a film and one I don't recall ever seeing before, at least not in this exact form. I'd say it's a fairly modern structure, but just about everything else about the picture screams old Hollywood. Any picture so obviously filmed on a Hollywood backlot couldn't help but seem rather conventional and staid to some extent, when compared to the Nouvelle Vague and avant garde Hollywood pictures it obliquely references. The scene with the absolute army of spys in identical trenchcoats chasing after Holden's character is classic. It's well worthy of a picture as ridiculous as Casino Royale. The tongue in cheek manner in which the nature of filmmaking and screenwriting is examined is quite amusing as well, and one that most audiences probably found refreshing and interesting in it's day. It still works now, but it certainly has become far less unique with the passage of time. The references to earlier Hepburn pictures and the fact that they poke fun at many of the observations I've made above just make it that much more enjoyable. No one is safe from a good ribbing either, including the censors. It's a pretty ridiculous and carefree picture. Not great, but it kept my attention for most of it. Without a doubt, one of its main strengths is that is knows precisley what it is and doesn't make a all too common mistake of reaching for something most pictures find simply unattainable. It is happy in its mediocrity.

Amy R (br) wrote: this movie was so incredibly wonderful and so incredibly sad. I just hate all the stuff that happens to her, but in the end it turns out for the best. poor poor woman. and based on a true story while she was still alive. i just find this to be greatly awesome!

Adam R (br) wrote: (First and only viewing - 8/21/2013)

Chris F (it) wrote: Awful movie. Billy Zane has one funny line.