Sakthivelu Nayakar (Kamal Hassan), the protagonist, is born to an anti-government union leader. The child Velu is tricked by the police into locating his father...

A small boy (Ratnavelu) from Tamilnadu sees his father, a labor leader, killed in cold blood by a policeman. He kills the policeman and runs away to the city of Bombay. From there, the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nayakan torrent reviews

Ravi N (br) wrote: A Jackie Chan B Movie

Jamie B (es) wrote: The kind of movie that just begs for discussion afterwards... particularly with regards to the film's eventual main subject, Thierry.

wael h (it) wrote: couldn't enjoy this "Energetic Filled Melo-Drama that isn't sure if it is Dumb Enough to be "Dirty dancing"

Al F (mx) wrote: not too bad,not too good either.........

Kevin M W (jp) wrote: A bit of cinema verite, American style, in this bit of a psych study on a orphan boy singer dreaming of fame and the woman who loves him. Its understated, almost documentary style of storytelling will be too slow for some and the end is telegraphed in every scene leading up to it, but the performances do deliver some zing. McQueen's singing scenes are overdubbed but he's great acting like a rising rock and roll wannabe.

Jonathan M (br) wrote: From Zizek this is a journey through symbolic suicide. I have the Italian veriosn ending where Ingrid Screams no no no and then the film ends. For an analysis from this from Zizek read the book - "Enjoy Your Sympton - Jacques Lacan in and out of Hollywood"

Burt M (ag) wrote: Horrible, just horrible. Score is excellent but the songs are second rate, as are the comedy bits. Did love the Red Skeleton bit though. Best watched for the Kelly/Astaire number and for 'Limehouse Blues' a phenomenal depressing Astaire number. Rest is forgettable.

Scott C (gb) wrote: Atmospheric London-set WW II spy thriller. The tension could have been ratcheted a little higher. Likeable leads. Very similar to Fritz Lang's 1941 effort 'Man Hunt', but not quite as good.