Nazi America: A Secret History

Nazi America: A Secret History

A history of the Nazi movement in the United States.

A history of the Nazi movement in the United States. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jerome S (es) wrote: Watched this because Benedict stepped down, and was rewarded with a beautiful, charming film that almost rises to the occasion of changing the Papacy. Unfortunately, I'm not sure the director wanted it to go there. I think Melville was on his way to understanding a world he'd left a long time ago, but the ending refuses to be simple, instead asking the viewer to understand the humanity of those elected to being the Pope. I was very impressed by the writing and the understated comedy and the turns in the plot. I would have been more pleased to see a transformed-by-his-journey Pope, but perhaps the viewers are changed by the journey instead.

John B (br) wrote: Documentary film makers seem to be tripping over themselves to document not the most important persons in society but rather the odd. Here we take an uncomfortable journey into the life of Mark Hogancamp, a clearly disturbed man, who finds escape in disturbing arrangements of dolls. Get this man some help.

Kameron M (ca) wrote: Dare was originally a 2005 short film by Director Adam Salky and Writer David Brind, I guess I'm going to start this off by saying that the short film was very well done. The simple plot had me hoping for what was next and the performance were good for such a small film. It definitely had me wanting more and when I heard that it had been made into a feature film, I was more than excited to see it.First off the cast was changed and characters were, of course, expanded on. In the short the two leads were the bad boy named Johnny and the shy loser named Ben. The 2009 version starred a partially talented trio, with the role of Johnny played by Zach Gilford, Ashley Springer as Ben, and a somewhat new character named Alexa played by Emmy Rossum. The story now has turned into more of a coming of age / teen drama that splits our focus by trying to develop each character with their own portion of the film. The deal is that geeky and unpopular friends Ben and Alexa fall for the school's resident bad boy Johnny, who is dealing with his own demons. Things get complicated as both go pretty far with Johnny and he isn't picking favorites. Confusion and chaos ensue.As much as I wanted to love this film I didn't. While the short left me wanting more, the feature left me wanting something different. There is potential with what the filmmakers were trying to do, but it's sad that it wound up on the disappointing side of things. I'll start with the fairly bad bits...Ashley Springer delivered a let down of a performance as Ben. The character, which was suppose to be your typical unpopular geek, turned out to be kind of a creeper. His mannerisms, they way he talked, everything was really off putting. I'm guessing he was badly casted because the orignal Ben was a 100% better. They also could have written him a bit better.Next there was Alexa's change from loser to poser. It was all a bit rough and way too quick. The filmmakers seemed to have wedged this plot point in even though they knew the piece didn't fit.Both Ben's and Alexa's character didn't really do it for me, but here is the film's saving grace: Zach Gilford.The performance, the character, the looks... all dare I say perfect? It kind of caught me off guard that he would be the single epic thing in this lackluster film. Zach's Johnny was a not-so-bad bad boy with a lot of issues that instead of being overdone or annoying, were actually endearing and made you actually give a shit. Could we please just fix this film to have Johnny as the feature focus?, because that's were the magic is happening. Just like the short, Zach Gilford's portrayal and the filmmaker's character itself left me wanting more, more about him, what is he going to do? What happened? Loads of things. His sensitive demur and likable quality alone steal the film and boosts the grade to a very-on-the-edge. All in all I'd recommend seeing this for the sake of seeing Zach Gilford and his character Johnny so you too can imagine what a better feature this short could have been.

Shelby M (us) wrote: Boring and unecessarily bloody

Geet D (it) wrote: i din't watch it till the end..C'est pour une raison assez particuliEre que j'aime ce film ;)

Andrew K (br) wrote: Couldn't watch to the end. Came here to see if I missed anything. Not much experience with this site yet. It's high rating made considerably less of an impression on me than the negative reviews I read (and generally superficial positive ones), which mentioned no redeeming qualities in the latter parts. High rating for this film reduces my confidence in this site.

Heather M (fr) wrote: This movie was very cute. Heigl as a sell out pharmaceutical seller is great fun to watch. I love her romance with her ex-coworker - they are the cutest couple in a low budget movie. I love chick flicks with happy endings and any movie that ends by sticking it to the man, This movie has both and kept me entertained the whole time.

Samra M (nl) wrote: For Bollywood this flick was a breakthrough cinema ... great music and an extremely distrubing performance by Urmila who just stole the show as Fardeen's obsessed lover .... ! The movie was a part of Matondkar's best performances ever ...

Manoj V (mx) wrote: This is a very under-appreciated movie about Steve Jobs. According to the real Wozniak, Noah Wyle who plays Jobs in this movie is a perfect spot-on. And here I thought Mike Fassbender did well. :D

Marilee A (gb) wrote: I have a Thing for Victorian Themed Movies, this one has a few Twists that makes it quite enjoyable.

Simon M (nl) wrote: There was occasionally a downside to havig a dad who showed you a wide range of films. This was one of those boring boring downsides.

Orlok W (nl) wrote: Flawless Heist Film!!

Juan B (it) wrote: wow now I really want to know whats my frequency and if that's the reason everything is the way it is. this movie makes you really think

Robert D (us) wrote: If you believe everyone is sleazy and act on any sexual impulse that comes their way and damn the consequences, this lurid thriller about four guys who share a loft so they can cheat on their wives in private is just what you need to reaffirm all your suspicions. You'll need a shower and plenty of Purell afterwards.

Rob S (jp) wrote: boasts one of the most insufferable protagonists ever.