Ne se sardi, choveche

Ne se sardi, choveche


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Ne se sardi, choveche torrent reviews

Timothy G (de) wrote: pooish. never to entertain people over 3 years old

Ignacio V (br) wrote: Does anybody know the title og the Graciela Borges movie where she repeas "mama" in front of an auditorium for a psycholoy meeting? It is refered too in this movie, I think. Excellent sound. The tension goes up right up to the end.

Scott C (it) wrote: The characters were quite likeable.

Luke S (jp) wrote: Ultra cheesy story and politically correct, but overall a god western.

Alex B (es) wrote: "What he did to Shakespeare we are doing now to Poland." Like what Mel Brooks has done to Lubitsch.

Sylvester K (es) wrote: Slime people from underground attempted to take over the world by lowering the temperature and killing innocent humans, the survivors must band together to stop them.The slime people look like people with scabs. If you think the plot is bad, try the acting.

Anne F (de) wrote: The beginning of the film was better, when we were as confused as Claudette Colbert, who wakes up on a train and cannot work out how on earth she got there. Once what is happening becomes clear (think philandering husband) the plot becomes completely predictable, even with its fanciful trimmings.