Necrophobia 3D

Necrophobia 3D

A mentally fragile man must conquer his fear of death in order to stave off a killer’s advances.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:75 minutes
  • Release:2014
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Necrophobia 3D 2014 full movies, Necrophobia 3D torrents movie

Dante is a tailor who after losing his twin brother to death became phobic which prevents him from being in contact with death. Whenever he is in front of a dead body, he experiences a creepy feeling that makes him lose his mind. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Necrophobia 3D torrent reviews

Shrina P (es) wrote: interesting story line very good movie

Caleb N (gb) wrote: WHAT THE *BLEEP* IS THIS *BLEEP*

Cynthia S (us) wrote: At times a little overacted and overblown, this movie wasn't too bad. This movie is definitely a propaganda film. Very, very pro-Georgia. Not to say they weren't screwed over by the Russians, but the movie got a bit too fantastical toward the end. It's good to bring to light the types of atrocities that occur to innocent citizens during wars, but there were an awful lot of "gimme a break!" moments for me. I think that alone made this movie just beyond watchable..

mikey s (gb) wrote: If it's not broking don't fix it This was crap and not as funny as the original and it all around blew PASS

Jacky L (kr) wrote: 8 vignettes , 8 couples engage in conversation after they do the ding do. the mila kunis/ zoe saldana spot and the last one will have you crack up more than once; highly recommended for laughing good times. duds were probably the third vignette and the emmanuelle chiriqui one. but hot damn, for lack of a good story, there was certainly no lack of ms chiriqui there. 'Hayley' from Modern Family is quite the spitting image as Mila Kunis here, hell they even talk and roll their eyes the same way.

Matt C (au) wrote: Terrible. Dodgy 70s setting and acting that wouldn't be out of place in a porno. If you can't see every single plot twist coming a mile off then I worry for you!

Manny C (ag) wrote: One of the last efforts (so far) we've had from Jean-Luc Godard. This one uses masterful cinematography (both blak-and-white and color) to convey a dreary present and a vivacious past. A masterpiece.

Malik A (fr) wrote: The best movie I've never seen about Lebanon

bill s (kr) wrote: It was pretty clear sailing for Depp through much of the 90's and well into 2000 but there was this major ugly speed bump.

Katy R (au) wrote: For my memories I give this a hell a lot of stars. I loved it as a kid.

Robert B (kr) wrote: My Dinner with Andre is one of those films you may well hear about, because it is really pretty different. This is the kind of film where you have to have (or have had) a lot of existential curiousity to be able to enjoy it. The less you think you know about this world, the more interesting you will find Andre's tales to be. Beyond that, you may still find it interesting if you can relate to the quest for meaning and happiness and you think of yourself as a student of human interactions. On the other hand, if you have low tolerance for weirdness and fancy, then you are likely to find yourself to be irritated by it all. There is a question of how high to rate it as a film since it seems to be just a recorded conversation. I rate it down just a bit on that account (seems unfair to other films), though I find there are some subtleties to be picked up on, and I found Wallace Shawn to give a pretty good performance with his sincere and mildly intense reactions to Andre (and at one point finds something to be INCONCEIVABLE!). Recommended to artist- and entrepreneurial types that find themselves often wondering over the edge of the World of Appearances.

Mark T (jp) wrote: Somewhere between cool and boring...

Brian M (fr) wrote: While it cannot be considered Renoir's greatest achievement, there is much to praise in this film. Moving, impressive performances and Renoir's careful direction make viewing this film most-rewarding.

Jeff J (gb) wrote: One flipping emo ride.

Aaron M (mx) wrote: a roller coaster of a film that is definitely worth seeing especially for the performances by Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton