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Need to Feed

Six High School students set out to shoot a documentary on the myth of the Wendigo in a ghost town called Mill Creek. Little do they know, this myth is not myth at all.

Six High School students set out to shoot a documentary on the myth of the Wendigo in a ghost town called Mill Creek. Little do they know, this myth is not myth at all. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew A (nl) wrote: This movie suffers due to its star Harry. The paranoid gun nut goes on & on about being in personal danger, despite no existence of a threat or any history of Madoff hurting ppl! Very dissappointed as I'd waited so long to see this.

Christopher S (us) wrote: Mark Hartley follows up the excellent 'Not Quite Hollywood' with basically more of the same, but this time set in the Philippines. But that same is still a tremendously entertaining look at cult cinema and those who make it, even if it doesn't quite generate the same kind of offbeat geek energy as 'Not Quite Hollywood'. A must for cult movie fans.

John H (kr) wrote: A visual poem. Doesn't pretend that love is a concept that can be explained or put into words.

steph l (ru) wrote: A very cute fluffy movie, though I didn't think the spirit of cary grant was necessary.

Danielle G (br) wrote: A bit dry in parts. I think the movie could have been cut by an hour and could have still given the same message.

Julia L (de) wrote: This movie was okay but definitely not one of my favorites. The way the description was worded made it seem like the movie was more like a CSI movie than a relationship movie.

Drew H (de) wrote: Rubbish story. Action was pretty good, but nothing brilliant.

mael m (br) wrote: (361) 232-(361) 232-8324

Andrew C D (it) wrote: Hairspray has both the most incredible ensemble cast- a brilliant mix of established stars and extraordinarily talented newcomers- as well as an array of songs not equaled in an musical since Beauty and the Beast.

John A (au) wrote: Roger Moore Took A Brief Break From Bond, & Decided To Make This Mediocre Tale Of Pirates In The North Sea. Slightly Disappointing As The Main Cast Is 3 Decent Actors. Roger Moore Stars As ffolkes, An Expert In Combat & Deep Sea Diving, Anthony Perkins Is The Pirate Holding 2 North Sea Oil Rigs Hostage & James Mason Is The Genral Of The Royal Navy. It's Basically James Bond VS Norman Bates, In This Slow-Burn Thriller Which Is Decent Enough To Pass The Time.

Steve J (es) wrote: Underrated movie, small budget more gritty than platoon. Did American Gangster steal from the storyline ?

Tim M (it) wrote: Every Trog has it's day! See, I just made that up and it's better than this. Trog doesn't even rape anything - booooo!

Quinto W (ca) wrote: Absolutely loved this movie, kept me intrigued the entire time. Beautiful, stylish, violent and suspenseful.

Deke P (br) wrote: Saw it back then. Loved it. Love her!

Petter S (us) wrote: It's a low budget affair, and it shows, but at least Steven Seagal is doing his fight scenes himself this time.

Brody M (de) wrote: I caught this flick on 1 of the free movie channels & I'm so glad I didn't have to pay to watch it.I just did not find 1 thing funny about Roadie & to tell you how bad it was, I can't even remember if I watched it all or not

Jim D (mx) wrote: Thought it was great. A more violent Brosnan for sure. However, the story line was good and me & the wife didn't fall asleep once.