Neel Kamal

Neel Kamal

Sleepwalker Sita Raichand (Waheeda Rehman) is rescued by Ram (Manoj Kumar) while walking on a railway track. Shortly thereafter Guruji (David) and Mr. Raichand (Balraj Sahni), approach Ram's mom (Lalita Pawar) with a marriage proposal. Finding the proposal suitable both Ram and his mom agree, and as a result Ram and Sita are married. After the marriage, Sita displays very strange behaviour, like walking away during the night for long durations. This increases the suspicions of everyone in Ram's household. Ram subsequently finds out that there is a lot more to Sita's disappearance than sleepwalking, as Sita seems attracted to someone else from a previous birth.

Sleepwalker Sita Raichand (Waheeda Rehman) is rescued by Ram (Manoj Kumar) while walking on a railway track. Shortly thereafter Guruji (David) and Mr. Raichand (Balraj Sahni), approach ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Norma V (ca) wrote: another dirty dancing movie???? I do not know about this movie. The previews are pretty steamy....

Vince D (mx) wrote: Can't believe this is from the same director as Drive & Bronson. An experiment that didn't pan out, perhaps? I don't mind an ambiguous ending, but this just quits on us.

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Riplee (it) wrote: Didn't really enjoy this one.

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