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Saitou Y (ru) wrote: It's a calm, sweet, and a very moving film. It's like they never got older, they just grew bigger, kinda reminds me of personal stories, experiences and all sorts of high school moments. Makes me feel old. This movie is definitely worth the shot.

Scott M (ca) wrote: I didn't find as much to fault in this live action adaptation of Asterix comics as others. There was some appeal in seeing the slapstick from the comics, realized with the use of special effects. The 'badly synced dubbing' was not an issue for me, since the version I watched had subtitles instead.

Kevin M W (mx) wrote: So laid back it almost seems merely like a slice of real life ... until a mysterious disappearance in Portland jars an ex- forensics student out of his self- induced doldrums and onto the case. The result is a heightened suspense factor in this clever slacker take on the film noir detective genre that's difference makes for a matter of taste.

Mohammed Q (ag) wrote: Whwn We Leave is a great german movie about a woman who's been rejected from her society because she left her husband!! I watched it at Dubai Film Festival yesterday :)

John S (fr) wrote: Just a half-baked version of Bad Boys II

Jingbo W (es) wrote: See how the will-be president bribes Bud!? That's so ugly!

Michael W (mx) wrote: Beautiful, mysterious, confusing. I cannot get over how amazingly gorgeous every shot in this film was. Some will be bored by the pacing and lack of "plot" but I really enjoyed this. The old monk in each story was hilarious, and the little bits of humor that peppered the scenes was perfection.

Dean M (fr) wrote: Really strange semi-autobiographical darkly dramatic in what sexy Asia Argento stars, directs and writes this weird film. But Asia looks bloody hot in her naked and sex scenes. Whoo!

Wyatt V (ag) wrote: I would love to watch it how do you watch it?

Bonnie S (nl) wrote: I love this movie. And I Think all peeps that are from the 80's should watch. I Think it is a classic like breakfast club or sweet sixteen. all I can say is try it---- you might like it.

Erik E (fr) wrote: Disappointing and easily superceded by "Downfall." Guinness does a very theatrical Hitler. The uniforms and sets seem right and there are a solid array of British and Italian actors but nothing clicks. This should be *great* drama but it falls flat.

Andy P (de) wrote: One of my childhood favs.

Greg W (ag) wrote: kinda romantic comedy kinda romantic tragedy

Mark C (ru) wrote: I didn't hate this.....uh oh...

David W (kr) wrote: It is stupid fun for Rodriguez fans and moviegoers alike

John B (ag) wrote: I liked this one better than the first one. More fun action.

Adriano C (gb) wrote: Belssima performance de Ethan Hawke, uma histria de personagens que faz voc acompanhar e torcer por seres humanos, falhos, fracos, imperfeitos e magnficos. Atravs de uma direo discreta que coloca no spot as msicas e as atuaes do elenco.