An untouchable girl is found dead with her illegitimate child, the child is adopted by a postman, a high caste Hindu...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1954
  • Language:Malayalam
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Neelakkuyil 1954 full movies, Neelakkuyil torrents movie

An untouchable girl is found dead with her illegitimate child, the child is adopted by a postman, a high caste Hindu... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Felix M (kr) wrote: Not storytelling at all.

Daniel D (fr) wrote: This early Woody Allen film is adapted from Dr. David Rueben's book "EVERYTHING YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT SEX, BUT WERE AFRAID TO ASK". It's divided into 7 questions (and answers), which start weak but definitely get better.1. Do Aphrodisiacs Work?Set back in Shakesperian days, this one asks if potions (medieval roofies) work. Kind of. The skit is pretty cheesy and tries hard. Does have a fitting score though.2. What Is Sodomy?Maybe the most personal to the original author Dr. Ruben, this ones about a love triangle between Armenian Borat, a Doctor, and a goat. The humor doesn't really get any better here.3. Why Do Some Women Have Trouble Reaching an Orgasm?Definitely caught the Fellini homage in this one, but once again the humor just doesn't do it for me yet. This scene is well made, and actually could be decent as a feature European drama, but weak for a comedy.4. Are Transvestites Homosexuals?The first section where I began laughing, and I did not stop after. The answer is No, just socially inept.5. What Are Sex Perverts?By far the most creative and my personal favorite. Set in a 1950s game show, this skit is really well made and funny. The part with the Rabbi was absolutely hilarious. 6. Are the Findings of Doctors and Clinics Who Do Sexual Research and Experiments Accurate?Most famous scene, perhaps an homage to The Blob (not sure as I haven't seen it). But it's about a giant tit (size X) created by Freud meets Frankenstein causing havoc in a town.7. What Happens During Ejaculation?Good ending, taught me a lot about the anatomy of a man. Thanks Dr.Allen2.5 stars+Next up Bananas

Akssar C (fr) wrote: a good film which is predictable but rewarding at parts.though we know his team is going to win, we are stuck to the screen.the talk about giving women equal chances and stuff throbs the viewers heart. a patriotic entertainer.

Nathan F (gb) wrote: An imperative film for understanding the corrosive relationship between public and private interests. This film is no fluke; and it's unfortunate we cannot say the same about our "democracy."

Tara W (it) wrote: I thought it was cute and well acted ???

Sylvia L (us) wrote: This film is a wake-up call to the unbelievable realities of poverty that the IMF and World Bank have imposed upon Jamaica and other developing nations. When you see the utter devastation that the IMF conditions on its loan to Jamaica have to the country's ability to self-sustain and to people's daily lives, you can't help but be deeply saddened that the most powerful and richest continue to suck all the life out of anyone, just because they can. It also makes you take a hard look at the negative impacts and implications of globalization.

Victor S (ag) wrote: Kana?ani, tko drugi? Zato Bibiane nije poznata kao Amelie?

Gordon C (jp) wrote: Frankenstein goes vegetarian, in a kind of cross between some sort of hippie fantasy in which humans evolve into plants, and a very clichd high school romance, complete with bully-boy who of course ends up losing the girl.Bullies never get the girl in the movies. You'd think by now they'd have learned that. Or could there be some discrepancy between what happens in the movies, and real life?

Andr D (gb) wrote: La pelicula colombiana mas taquillera y reconocida de la historia del cine colombiano, es una cinta destartalada, mal dirigida, con numerosas fallas tecnicas y pesimas actuaciones. Ahi tienen su hijueputa resena!

Luc L (ca) wrote: It's about the character's insight. Trivial and strange.

Jordan T (de) wrote: Incredible. The premise alone makes this awesome.

Bruce R (us) wrote: It's fast funny and beautiful. Classic.

Devon B (ru) wrote: Released the same year as "Gold Diggers of 1933", "42nd Street" also features many of the same cast (Ginger Rogers, Dick Powell, Ruby Keeler) and the same choreographer (Busby Berkeley, famous for his overhead shots of geometrically arranged chorus dancers). The plot too, is sort of similar. In it, we see the trials and tribulations of producing a broadway musical, from funding and casting to the opening night, and all the hair-pulling frustration that comes with it. Peggy Sawyer (Ruby Keeler) is the greener than green wannabe actress who shows up for the audition and is tricked into walking in on Billy's (Dick Powell) dressing room (also, Billy plays what is called "the juvenile lead", whatever that is). While it's a dirty trick, it winds up paying off for Peggy as she soon makes friends with Billy and the rest of the stars of the production. The closing number is pretty great, and the rest of the movie is too, with it's self-deprecating humor and depression era sensibilities. It's funny, but Ruby Keeler has the mannerisms of someone's grandma, but you gotta figure even grandmas were young once upon a time, back in the days when grandpas got excited at a peak at a pretty girl's knee.

Maxim A (ru) wrote: This is by far, my all-time favorite musical ever! A fantastic choreography, amazing songs and one of Travolta's breakout movies since Saturday Night Fever. The songs were made with a positive, yet cheer tone. This ain't your average musical teenage play, it's also a very well-structured romance between Danny (John Travolta) and Sunny (Olivia Newton-John). The ending is gorgeous with a phenomenal performance from its leads. I have the soundtrack on my phone. So nostalgic! If you're sick and tired of today's bullshit movies, strap yourselves in, take your VHS or DVD and watch this classic. Definitely recommend it!Grade: APercentage: 84%Rating: 4.5/5

Adam R (au) wrote: Raw without going overboard like the 1963 film went. This is about as good of a film adaptation as you could ask for. Very tense and captivating! (First viewing - Fall 2002)

John R (ca) wrote: Formulaic, but the cat is adorable, and Catherine Ohara improves everything.