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  • Release:1972
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Neethi torrent reviews

Charlie W (kr) wrote: Its A Suicide Squad Movie But A good One

Al M (br) wrote: Plague Town is a bizarre, original, and brutally wicked little piece of British filmmaking. Featuring some genuinely creepy visuals and a distinctive style, Plague Town will delight fans of horror who want something different than the ordinary fare. Since Flixter provides no summary, I will attempt to do so. The film concerns a family on a trip back to their father's ancestry in England. The father is poised to remarry and the stepmother is along for the ride, one of the daughters has just recently been released from a mental hospital, the other daughter is vacuous bitch who constantly berates Dad's girlfriend and her sister, and vacuous daughter's British boyfriend is along for the ride. They get lost in the countryside and miss their bus back to civilization. The locals repeatedly try to warn them against being out past dark in the area, but the family, of course, misunderstands them. Soon, the family discovers that something is terribly wrong with the children of the area, and the children are ready to play.

intuciic (es) wrote: how one person can loose everything coz of their attitude.

w k (br) wrote: Funny is a gross sort of way.

Riley H (kr) wrote: I can't imagine a more impressive pre-1920s film. I still haven't figured out how they did some of the shots in it with that old tech. But I was still bored to tears. That's not the movies fault, but I have a hard time giving a movie 10 just for historical importance alone.

Jonathan G (de) wrote: Interesting !? Indeed

Katie M (it) wrote: I'm rather disappointed in the professional reviewers who panned the movie for being "schmaltzy" (the audience reviewers, not so much). If you don't like movies about relationships that are meant to be cathartic and bring out feelings of loneliness, grief, and an intense desire to catch up with your siblings... great. You're probably in the majority, actually. But professional reviewers are supposed to look past that, and answer the question: is this movie good at evoking the thoughts/feelings that it was trying to evoke? And the answer to that question, in this case, is a resounding, "Yes!"It could have gone for "Love Story"-level schmaltz. But instead, it told a complex story with relateable characters and a wide variety of relationship things going on (the relationship between the sisters, between the older sister and her friend, between each sister and their grandmother, between each sister and their father, between the grandmother and her friends, between the younger sister and the blind professor, etc.) In the story, they all grew, as expected, but in an organic way. Even the camera work and the sets were deliberately thought out to evoke the necessary emotions. The loneliness and insecurities of the characters bled through the screen. I cried. A lot.Which was the movie's goal, and it accomplished it very well, through good writing, well-written characters, and good direction.A movie that evokes the thoughts and feelings that it wants to evoke, and does it well and deliberately, is a good movie, pretty much by definition. Now, whether what that movie is trying to accomplish is something you want to experience, is up to you... but whether that's the case or not, doesn't negate it being a good movie.

Paul N (kr) wrote: Super violent thriller - turning super clever into super power. Great thriller.

Amy S (kr) wrote: An interesting concept, but it didn't do it for me. It's been quite a few years though, and I watched it at, like, 4 am, so maybe I should give it another chance.