Nèg maron

Nèg maron

Two childhood friends, Joshua and Flint, are adrift in boredom in their area of Sainte-Rose, Guadeloupe. They're involved in petty theft and ordinary System D, until the arrival of Marcus. ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:2005
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
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Nèg maron torrent reviews

Dave R (de) wrote: Well it was a little chessy movie but they tryed to scare ya I give them that but still didnt work story was kind silly to it was alright

Daniel B (ca) wrote: One of the best movies I have seen in years. Smart, captivating and brilliant screen writing.

Dexter L (mx) wrote: Love this movie! Hilarious Grindhouse Zom-Com with plenty of Walking Dead to satisfy an avid Zombie fan. Got my copy on Amazon! :)

Integer M (de) wrote: Directed By: John H. Lee; I surely will remember this name ! Battle of P'ohang-dong was fought by 71 student soldiers. Were they amateur to defend the last line of defence of South Korea? You better watch the story on celluloid !

Melanye B (de) wrote: I want to DVD. When does it come out?

francisca r (us) wrote: ahhhww esa nia estaba muuuy obsesionada con el medico.... y como nolo podia tener nadie mas q ella, le cago la vida.

Nelson V (nl) wrote: the movie is so bad that it only gets 3 stars because of anne hathaways boob exposure.

Crystal E (jp) wrote: It was okay enough. It is a drama. Normally I like historical dramas, I think because they are like documentaries with larger budgets and more flair. This is now that, just straight up drama.

Samra M (nl) wrote: This is watching any Pakistani-Muslim male's identity crisis unfold on the screen ... while he also has issues with his English cross-breed family's identity!! Hypocracy, drama, humor and colors when West meets the East ... and migration and foreign land starts showing the 'darker' side

Megan G (kr) wrote: mmmmm chocolate!!! lol

Justin M (es) wrote: A bad movie. In other news, Christopher Lambert sucks.

Stephanie P (ag) wrote: Awesome cheese with samurai sword action and Rutger Hauer. :D

EmilyJane H (ag) wrote: this movie made me cry

Dan B (fr) wrote: I first saw this film when it came out in a double bill with "The Giant Spider Invasion" at the Wood Green Odeon. The first and last segment scared the crap out of me. Rewatching it now with my own kids, I realise that despite my affection for it, it's really not very good. The scariest thing is probably Vincent Price's constant claim that he is a fan of various forgettable early 80s New Wave bands. Or John Carradine dancing. That's pretty grim too. Still works well for kids though and there'll always be a place in my heart for Amicus veterans Milton Subotsky and Roy Ward Baker.

Kevin R (kr) wrote: Ever made love to two dummies?An experiment goes horribly wrong turning the experiments into half men/half fish creatures. The creatures attack a small fishing village killing the men and kidnapping the females for reproduction. Can the locals band together and kill the humanoids or will the humanoids begin to take over the world? "Don't shave that shaggy mess until we fill our folds."Barbara Peeters, director of Bury Me an Angel, The Dark Side of Tomorrow, Summer School Teachers, and Starhops, delivers Humanoids from the Deep. The storyline for this picture was entertaining in a Piranhas kind of way. This was an above average monster flick as the action scenes were very well done. The cast delivers average performances and includes Vic Morrow, Ann Turkel, Doug McClure, and Denise Galik."I gotta look for my kid. I don't have time to look for phony sea monsters."I watched this off Netfflix since I am a huge fan of the genre (80s monster flicks). This was an above average overall monster flick. It is a nice addition to the genre but far from a classic like Jaws. I would recommend seeing this movie once but I wouldn't purchase it. "Hey honey, want to see my woodpecker?"Grade: C+

Sheila C (ca) wrote: Moody quasi-western about man vs nature, with a psychological edge

Caitlyn M (ru) wrote: Old, but classic Notre Dame intensity...WIN ONE FOR THE GIPPER!

Asif K (nl) wrote: not interested in this movie !!!

Lee C (nl) wrote: The first time director does a wonderful job on this film especially with his tiny budget. Many huge budget films don't get half as much soul in their stories than this. Characters are believable and situation follows how you would expect it to. It's great to see something without over the top acting or syrupy storylines.

Eric S (ag) wrote: JJ Abrams worst work. Keep a camera still and stop using lens flare every single jump cut. Great score.