Nehle Pe Dehla

Nehle Pe Dehla

A kingpin smuggler kills a police officer and succeeds in separating his teen-aged sons. The elder son who had vowed to take revenge, accidentally meets his younger brother. The two join forces to bust the smugglers gang.

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Nehle Pe Dehla torrent reviews

Michael K (it) wrote: This movie explains why it's almost too late to save all things green, truly a sad documentary.

Halimi H (es) wrote: Ini low-bajet punya movie, filem Vietnam.. tapi storytelling dan kesannya lebih besar daripada movie yang orang malaysia buat 3,4 juta kosnya..Kenapa filem melayu tak boleh buat kisah macam ni, kisah masyarakat.. kata nak filem kita wajah kita la.. tapi buat filem kita, wajah hantu, filem kita, wajah gangster, filem kita wajah komedi bodoh, filem kita wajah keliwon, filem kita filem anak haram, filem kita filem rosak akhlak, filem kita filem kononnya majmuk, filem kita filem 5 ringgit.Herm!! Recommended untuk mereka yang cintakan filem rakyat!

Jason C (br) wrote: hahaha the snitch crack head got nicely sliced

Jorge A M (mx) wrote: one of the greatest comic adaptation of all times. beautiful!

Richard R (it) wrote: I was sad during the viewing of this movie because it reminded me of how sad it was to loose Britney Murphy who I thought was very very good in the movie and made me realize we lost someone who would have been a great asset to film making. Holly Hunter was exceptional as usual but this showed that miss Murphy did truly have a bright future at the time.. Sad that she's gone.. Watch it to remember her again.....

Anya S (jp) wrote: life in the former USSR and the struggles of a family and three woman of three dif. generations, bittersweet.

Trent G (jp) wrote: Yeah, ita a bunch of crap, but Denis Leary is in it so its not that bad.

Shane J (mx) wrote: Good charlie sheen flick. he genrally seems to be having fun with the role as well. sure its typical 90's action fare with witty 1 liners etc but damn i enjoyed it for what it was.

Jordan S (gb) wrote: How to save money in a film that takes place in a desert? in the producer's house.

Daniel R (nl) wrote: funny!! nock off of the beatles

Sam N (mx) wrote: A hilariously amazing feel good movie that goes down in history for being one of the best movies ever made.

Matt H (fr) wrote: This movie turned my trepidation toward the idea of Gene Hackman as a trampled p.i. into one of my favorite actors. Great entry point into neo-noir with a classic use of the seedy LA movie industry as a nod, but with gold still to be mined from it. Eight million stories y'all.

Private U (es) wrote: Probably the most profound, moving, gorgeous exploration of death, loss, and how a person deals with loss and death.This movie has three tracks - one is the real world story of a doctor researching the cure to cancer to save his dying wife. There is a story written by his wife of a conquistador - which she has based on Tommy. Finally, there is the dream that Tommy has that weaves reality and the story in his wife's book together.