In a remote woodland cabin, a small town doctor discovers Nell - a beautiful young hermit woman with many secrets.

In a remote woodland cabin, a small town doctor discovers Nell - a beautiful young hermit woman with many secrets. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Perura M (fr) wrote: la historia esta bien, le falto actuacin actores pocos conocidos.

Ilsa W (de) wrote: Actually quite amusing despite the at times abysmal acting. Drop kicking a zombie baby and being unable to off a zombie with a steel plate in his head were two stand out moments!

Ricky K (ru) wrote: Looking forward to seeing this The first two were great..

Ian M (nl) wrote: Jay Brannan steals the show in this movie with his disarming humour. The movie does deal with some very important issues in a realistic way among friends. An interesting, well thought gay interest movie with good characters.

laura b (ru) wrote: Wasn't as good as I thought it would be. The fact ray was having sex in the film with a younger woman was so cringey. There was no real plot. Ray's hard act didn't come off well. Ben drew's acting was ridged and boring.The ending was rushed. The only good bits was the odd surprise killing.

Richard M (it) wrote: exactly what its suppose to be. not better not worse.

Steven P (us) wrote: this is an awesome movie to sit down with your friend and enjoy the cheesey horror movie

Vampire Hunter E (kr) wrote: movie about getting older, accepting things you dislike or trying to change them. great cameo by jack black

Maranda F (ag) wrote: This was so cool! The cast was actually pretty good and I enjoyed it.

Tobias H (br) wrote: Good thriller that includes chess! Need I say more?

Stephanie M (ca) wrote: A very sub-par sequel to an exceptionally good movie. Perhaps if it wasn't a sequel to Last Picture Show it might be held in a bit more esteem. A lot of characters return from the first movie... for no reason and the style is so strikingly different (the color really is jarring) it makes it feel like a different world.)

Keisue A (nl) wrote: one of my favorites as a child.memories of me and my grandmother are attached to this movie. great film about true friendship

Jamison R (jp) wrote: Hilarious all-time cult fave. Arsenio was great, and much like Kentucky Fried Movie there are some big hits and some flat notes. I still laugh with this one.

Erik C (nl) wrote: This is exactly what you would expect. Three older men seek a young beach boy to school them in the ways of "getting digits" and more obscure 1980s beach slang that has never actually been verfied as ever having been cool. Nudity and crazy hijinx ensure to predictable results.

Ron N (ca) wrote: No matter how many times this appears on TV I feel almost compelled to watch this Robert Redford prison drama, it's so good. Not perfect but great. Movies like this and The Candidate show Redfords iconography as an actor and his liberalism leanings both pointing at bettering one's fellow man but also poking fun or poking serious at his own mettle as a man on a quest, probably doomed to fail in some ways hoping to succeed in others. I'd like to see Redford act again in something some story that has some real grit like this one and get away from preachy liberalism like the movie Lions for Lambs that feels like a lecture rather than compels you to consider alternate viewpoints by the veracity of the man and the drama and truth of the argument. I want to see the resurgence of the Redford.

Private U (it) wrote: Excellent protrait du climat social du Qubec de l'poque

alan j (de) wrote: political diatribe from a trio of college kids bored during one summer in Paris. I thought the film was boring and only the two female actresses kept my interest (and that was for their appearance, not their acting). Only for Godard enthusiasts, otherwise pass.

Darren P (gb) wrote: Watched this film for a total of 20 minutes. Switched it off and watched something else. 13 year old, hated it, 11 year old hated it and 6 year old was bored by it. Horrendous! Poor acting and cobbled together filming. Not good !

Vahni T (gb) wrote: Undeniably funny, and a good action movie.

Alexander Z (nl) wrote: I think I would shoot Andre in the face if I knew him in real life.Kidding aside, the concept is pretty interesting, but the actual talk is like hearing the conspiracy theories of a pothead.