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Nelle tue mani


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Brad S (nl) wrote: A beautifully crafted psychological character narrative that delves into the details of people of all ages dealing with love, desire and relationships. From the young son, to the preteen daughter, to the torn twenty somethings, to the middle aged married couple, to the older Italian tutor. I like the weavings of this tone poem.

Uma K (es) wrote: The movie seems really good

Carol S (au) wrote: Many unexpected twists and turns.

Allen S (kr) wrote: Still patiently waiting for Edward Furlong's comeback.

Chris C (gb) wrote: One of the worst movies, Sandler has ever done, and he has done some BAD ones. Skip this, I saw it free, and walked out on it.

Ethan D (mx) wrote: Eh.. I guess this was an okay movie.

Dana G (gb) wrote: Most movies about multiple personalities are difficult to understand luckily this one actually came together at the end.

David G (us) wrote: Laughably dull and an unremarkable attempt at trying to shock the audience with lingering shots of gore and torture.

Bradley F (it) wrote: I still have no idea why this movie is so remembered. Cutthroat Island is one of the most boring, forgettable and bland movies I've ever seen. It's a film that is nothing but explosions and a treasure hunt nobody cares about. It might not be the worst movie ever made, but it's definitely one of the most tedious movies I ever seen. It should be on a shelf next to The Lone Ranger and Tarzan, The Ape Man. Morgan Adams (Geena Davis) is a pirate who has recently lost her father. After getting the Treasure Map cut from her father's head (gross) she sets off with her crew to find this treasure and... that is literally it. Cutthroat Island is nothing more than a long and over drawn Treasure hunt. Yeah there's a villain and Morgan's Father's killer Dawg (Frank Langella) but even then he's pretty pointless. This entire story is pointless. I know Pirate movies usually revolve around a treasure, but there's usually something more to the story besides that. Pirates and The Caribbean is a good example of a good Pirate Movie. Besides the treasure, there's a curse that has to be lifted. Cutthroat Island offers no real risk or payoff if these people get the treasure or not. Another big problem with the movie is that it's too damn long. Yes, it shares the same problem as The Lone Ranger, it's ridiculously long for no reason. Don't get me wrong, if a film has an interesting story and interesting characters along with great dialog then the experience can be a good time. However, more than half the time Cutthroat Island just focuses on constant action scenes. This film is the pure example of all Style and no Substance. Like I said with The Lone Ranger, Action scenes can be good but not in large doses. Constant action and fight scenes get boring really quickly when they are being done for more than half the film. The only good thing I can say about the movie is the fact that Entire Cast is trying their hardest with a script that is pretty much lacking in almost every aspect. I still have no idea why this movie killed Geena Davis' career. I mean she's not reason the movie sucked, it's the lack of direction and horrible writing that's to blame here. I don't really see any other bad performacnes here. I mean they're not by any means good, but I can't really say if there's a performance that made me cringe or anything like that. I guess the only reason why this movie is even remembered is because it was a huge and embarrassing Box Office Bomb. Besides that, Cutthroat Island has no re-watch value at all. It's boring, it's too long, it's horribly written and terribly directed by Renny Harlin. Maybe if the movie focused more on the characters and the story instead of the constant explosions then it could've been great. However, as is it's just a huge waste of time.

Des S (mx) wrote: This movie was better than I thought in the way of acting and special effects, but the story was a little boring.

Matt G (es) wrote: Kubrick is great here.

Joseph W (us) wrote: I loved this movie! It is a pure, cinematic brilliance! Very different than what Scorsese usually does, but in a good way. He was definitely the right choice as director to bring to life this beautifully done piece of filmmaking, as well as each member of the cast ensemble. Also, hats off to anyone involved in each aspect in the creation of the film.

Berni E (fr) wrote: Excellent film based on a true Cambridge University story....