Nema problema

Nema problema

The manager of a company gets in trouble when he cannot pay his workers. The billions were spent on a football stadium which is empty now, and the bank did not approve new credits for the ...

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Josh H (gb) wrote: While the topic is very sad and disturbing, the documentary itself is lacking. The film plays mostly as a series of clips from investigative journalist field work and lacks a strong supporting body of research. As a whole, the movie feels a bit rushed, only featuring brief clips, even including the interviews that were done in relatively safe environments. The tone throughout seems more remorseful than galvanizing, being more of a "this is bad and shouldn't be happening," instead of "this is awful and we need to stop this." Ultimately, The Dark Side of Chocolate comes across more as an elongated public awareness video than a solid, thoroughly researched and well presented documentary.

Guilherme V (fr) wrote: DAMN A 4TH COMING!!!???? IM SO GONNA WATCH THIS ONE

Tanja S (jp) wrote: Gross and shithouse.

Ak M (de) wrote: good, daivid henrie and emily osment, perfect this movie.

Patricia R (br) wrote: loved it. Loved the other 2 legally blonde movies. This was really great. The boy Annie goes with is a hottie.

Cynthia S (br) wrote: Artsy fartsy French film...never could get into this kind too much.

Nick O (fr) wrote: I still think "The Skin I Live In" is Almodovar's best, weirdest cinematic soiree (dig those words there), but "Bad Education" is top dog for darkest. It digs deep, makes a mess, and, as always, leaves the tough questions up to you to tame, even when they're impulses that can't be settled. And note the dick-swinging NC-17 rating, there. Got to love that.

Countess N (jp) wrote: Very predictable but i really enjoyed this movie,its all been done before but this was done better than most.

Rena W (ca) wrote: very good actors and similar atmosphere to the Broadway atmosphere.

Ryan S (au) wrote: A dark but very interesting story.

Andrei D (kr) wrote: Are niste bucati care nu isi gasesc locul, altfel curajos si dur