In the future, chaos is rampant as 'information terrorists' threaten to destroy order in society. Alex is a part-man, part-machine LAPD cop who is the best at what he does. When one of the terrorists calls him a machine, Alex questions his humanity and decides to leave the force. His final assignment is to apprehend an old colleague who has stolen some data. However, there is more than meets the eye and Alex must question his allegiance.

An retired cyborg Los Angeles policeman is forced out of retirement and is assigned to apprehend his former partner whom is smuggling data to a terrorist organization that plots to assassinate government officials. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Nemesis torrent reviews

Nigel M (it) wrote: Not as bad as I thought it would be. Made better by the fact that it is a true story.

Justin B (de) wrote: Insanely inconsistent collection of garbage. One, maybe two good segments mixed in with pretentious nonsense and needless shock value.

Kandis A (it) wrote: An ok movie.....kinda silly!!!

Sky C (gb) wrote: I don't think it'd be a popular one. It's a very very dark movie, and even the message is dark. But I like the way being directed. Edison was unexpectedly good!

Irving D (jp) wrote: Very powerful. Must see for anyone of Viet descent and highly recommended to everyone else. It's a part of history you rarely hear or see...most likely though you will never know about it.

Scott A (es) wrote: If you know someone you hate, and you want to distract them by doing something wicked, tell them to watch this movie as a distraction. An utter waste of energy.

Kelly B (mx) wrote: Has a lot of potential, but in the end falls flat. Much of the blame should be pointed at the script and direction. It often feels like three different cop movies, mixed into one. Even one of my favorite actors of all time, Mr. Keaton, acts confused from time to time. Not knowing what kind of movie he's totally involved in, it's like he doesn't quite know how to sink his teeth into this role. Worth a watch, but easily forgettable.

Greg R (ru) wrote: Though not always pleasant, it's actually quite juvenile, Caddyshack does offer some classic slapstick and a hilarious story involving a gopher and a groundskeeper.

Darren P (fr) wrote: What an interesting, enthralling movie... until the last 40 minutes.

Deka M (ag) wrote: one of the worst sequels i have ever seen

Scott R (de) wrote: Hands down the best Marx brothers movie.

Chris M (us) wrote: What a cast. Only 92 minutes. Great performance from Nicole Kidman. And yet, and yet... I saw this a few months ago and can't remember what actually happened through the different plot twists. I had to look it up on wikipedia. I can barely even remember Mark Strong's performance, not because he was bad, but the film was definitely less than the sum of its parts. It tries to borrow from Memento, Hitchcock, Brian de Palma, and never quite succeeds. Intriguing as far as it goes, but that's not actually that far...

Plural V (kr) wrote: Frank makes you feel smart just watching. You're going to want to leave your 9 to 5 and be whoever you wanna be for two hours.

Christopher S (gb) wrote: Pretty bland documentary focuses on the simple and unextraordinary lives of the residents of an unremarkable Minnesota small town - and I guess that's the point, but filmmaker Louis Malle seemed far more fascinated with these common people than I was. There are a handful of compelling moments, and it would often hint at some interesting aspects, but none of them ever really panned out. Not a terrible film, but not particularly memorable.

David B (br) wrote: One of the greatest hood movies of all time!

Private U (fr) wrote: if u ukrainian u gonna like this movie. if u polish, well not so much.