Based on Windsor McCay's comic strip, a little boy embarks on a dream-like adventure. Also known as Dream One.

A young boy imagines being in a tale he's about to hear. In this magical world he encounters many famous characters from other tales, aliens and other beings and, of course, a beautiful princess. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Nemo torrent reviews

Jeremy C (gb) wrote: The film itself wasn't bad. It was actually kind of funny. But it is funnier for kids.GRADE:B

Rupam B (ru) wrote: A hidden gem. Beautifully done.

Jos M (ca) wrote: Una oportunidad ms de ver a Greta Gerwig.

Janae P (fr) wrote: looks so scary?? so want to see???

Natalie C (es) wrote: Good movie really sweet.

Private U (kr) wrote: If this is the one I am thinking of , then the greatest scene was the death by maple syrup dispenser.

Jake M (mx) wrote: Found this movie under the free to watch on my cable box. Definitely a reminder of my childhood and a ton of nostalgia.The star of the show is of course Dunston the Monkey, but then again I love the animals.Jason Alexander is his typical self and you might remember Eric Lloyd as the kid from the Santa Clause.The rest of the cast is not that great, but it's funny to see Paul Reubens in a small little role as the animal control man.

Linda M (it) wrote: Well-made sophisticated movie

Chris M (fr) wrote: John landis is a murderer

James G (ag) wrote: This movie was so bad, it wasn't even good. It had the potential to be decent, but it fell flat on so many levels. I can't believe I wasted $10 on this crap fest.

Mike H (us) wrote: Classic camp although not intended to be !! Joan Crawford at her "BEST" TONS for GREAT lines and Featuring Diana Dors ! She is the Marylin Monroe look~A~Like on the cover of Sgt. peppers. (lower right)

Aaron G (mx) wrote: A snubbed, quirky movie that should've got more awards love than it did.

Dave S (us) wrote: Falls into the vast middleground of movies that don't have particular flaws, but just fail to grab or interest me. After "Written on the Wind", seeing Dorothy Malone act rational is a let down even if she's fine in the role, and although I see why black and white fits this story better it's kind of a shame to see Sirk without his colors.

Tony L (de) wrote: "I Saw The Light" pulls off the feat of being well acted, informative and entertaining and the performances of our two leads are phenomenal.