Nerealniy kasting

Nerealniy kasting

Film tells the compelling tale of two young men, Grant and Sasha. By the chance, they came to the film production studio to take part in a casting where the director has paid an attending ...

Film tells the compelling tale of two young men, Grant and Sasha. By the chance, they came to the film production studio to take part in a casting where the director has paid an attending ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christina G (nl) wrote: This started off beautifully. It had all the makings of a good disaster movie. Then around fifty minutes in or so, all of a sudden they started throwing in things that didn't advance the plot, storyline, suspense, character development or for that matter anything at all. Then they started throwing in things that were downright nonsensical. They completely lost the thread of the movie. We as an audience were left bored, which is the last thing we should be feeling in a good disaster movie. All the unnecessary plot devices took away from the sense of impending doom. They also fell into the trap of thinking that everybody with decision making power has to be an idiot in order to create suspense, one of the hallmarks of bad writing. Mercury crashing into earth is enough suspense, you don't need the people in power to all be stupid too, the annihilation of the human race is enough. The plot, pacing and dialogue all became downright foolish and unnecessary. It ruined what was otherwise shaping up to be a great story and film. In the end, a complete disappointment.

Carlos C (ca) wrote: assistam! o filme muito bom e a trilha feita na hora, maravilhosa.

Jamie C (mx) wrote: Abit fruity but a smart and well acted comedy, More of a love story than a comedy but had a few good laughs, Jim and Ewan played a perfect on screen couple, Worth a watch.

Stacey T (gb) wrote: An amazing glimpse into this real guy's life. I had no idea how atrociously handicapped people were viewed back before I was born. I guess I assumed Americans had at least a general sympathy after the days of WWII. But this film looks at issues like the Ugly Law (created in PT Barnum's day, when we wanted to keep "the freaks" in the circus tents and away from our daily lives) and how this guy set out to tear it and other prejudices down.

Ash M (gb) wrote: My 2nd fav Michael Mann movie. Tom Cruise is exceptional in his role. Excellent cast and a very smart script.

nurhid u (kr) wrote: Film ini menceritakan seorang anak yang mengorbankan waktunya untuk mengantar ayah tercinta pergi haji ke Tanah Suci. Mereka berangkat dari Prancis ke Makkah dengan menggunakan mobil. Selama perjalanan, banyak kejadian yang intinya menggoda si anak, yaitu untuk tetap melanjutkan perjalanan mengantar ayahanda atau pulang dan bersenang-senang. jarak dari Prancis ke Makkah, mereka harus melalui berbagai negara, di setiap negara yang dilewati, si anak tergoda untuk melakukan kesenangan-kesenangan (intinya dia jenuh dan malas untuk mengantar ayahnya). Sampai pada akhirnya, ketika sampai di sebuah negara, si anak dirampok oleh teman yang baru dikenalnya.Sampai akhirnya, dengan sedikit berat hati, si anak tetap melanjutkan perjalanan ke Makkah dan dengan sabar menunggu ayahanda beribadah. Sampai pada suatu hari, ketika menunggu ayah tercinta menyelesaikan rukun hajinya, si anak begtiu cemas karena sampai malam, ayahnya belum pulang ke tempat sebelumnya ayahnya dan jamaah haji yang lain menunaikan rukun ibadah haji. Si anak mulai cemas dan kemuidan mulai mencari di manakah ayahnya. Sampai pada akhirnya, si anak menemukan ayahnya telah wafat.Film ini mengambarkan bahwa kita kadang malas untuk melakukan kebaikan yang sudah nyata-nyata kebaikannya sangat baik untuk kita. Selalu banyak hal yang menganggu keistiqamahan kita. Jalan kebaikan selalu penuh onak dan duri, butuh sebuah ketahanan hati untuk tetap melanutkan sampai kita bertemu dengan tujuan kita, bisa jadi itu SURGA

Matthew A (gb) wrote: Intriguing movie about modern-day gypsies suffers from an overly conventional plot that's reminiscent of The Godfather. The main showcase is Eric Roberts, who made his film debut as the next King of the gypsies. Worth a look.

Craig M (ag) wrote: Good but not amazing, I still prefer the Longest Day when it comes to D-Day movies.The use of archive clips was clever, but the movie appeared to lack something. You don't really get to know the main character before he suddenly dies on the landing craft.Not a stand-out great but its half-decent and worth watching on a Sunday afternoon.

Aaron G (de) wrote: Though not at all what I expected, this movie packed several thrills that made me squeal like a piggy.

Courtney J (ru) wrote: Oh, I loved this movie. It was great. I watched it once with a group of people and then three more after that.

Onno v (it) wrote: erg mooie, grappige, 'spannende' film!

Amy F (ca) wrote: Singing in a school girls battle choir. Battling against your own schools boy battle choir. Battle of the sexes much lol.

Pete P (ag) wrote: Garbage in comparison to the classic original