Nerukku Ner

Nerukku Ner


Nerruku Ner is a 1997 Tamil film starring Vijay, Surya, Simran, Kausalya. The story starts off with Raghuvaran, a passport issuing officer and his wife Shanthi Krishna. Raghu tells Shanthi Krishna that he cheated on her with a co-worker when he was in Goa. She immediately leaves for her mother's house. Raghu tries to stop her by apologizing, but in vain. Raghu's brother Vijay and Shanthi's brother Surya meet in a cinema theatre. Vijay blames Shanthi to be the cause of the problem and Surya blames Raghu for the same. They keep on fighting throughout the movie. Meanwhile both the heroes Vijay and Surya find their own girlfriends and fall in love. Vijay is paired with Kausalya while Surya is paired with Simran. One day Raghu finds a bundle of cash on his table and meets the person (Karan) who kept the money there. Raghu finds out that Karan is an MLA, wanted by the police. Karan wants to leave the country to escape from the police and he needs a fake. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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