Netru Indru

Netru Indru

A team of cops is sent to the forest to capture/kill a police officer who has gone rogue. In a parallel track, a young woman seeks the help of a debauched car driver to take her to the forest. What happens in the forest and how are these two plots connected?

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:2014
  • Language:Tamil
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Netru Indru 2014 full movies, Netru Indru torrents movie

A team of cops is sent to the forest to capture/kill a police officer who has gone rogue. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tony L (de) wrote: Radcliffe's performance is noteworthy and the movie does an adequate job displaying the politics and ignorance of racism. The movie unfortunately losses steam and momentum at the 75% mark which is never regained.

Shane D (it) wrote: Initially I thought this was going to be a slapstick satirical poke at 70's sci-fi, which it is, but it's also dark, beautiful and subtle despite it's galactic setting. The combination of 70's faithful decor and technology with an odd-yet-touching set of intertwining plot lines worked for me, even if it was a little slow at times. I dug it. Even bought the soundtrack.

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Karsh D (fr) wrote: 18 year old girl joins the porn industry in a matter of fact sort of way....its all very mediocre to be fair.

Awbrey S (nl) wrote: Not horrible but definitely not the best movie either. Would not waste my time watching this one

Ross L (nl) wrote: Just do not watch it. I feel that Mr pseudonym Marian Dora could be one of the best horror directors ever if his films weren't so horrendous. Cannibal is at once terrifying and deeply saddening, it shows the deconstruction of human vs human in the most horrific detail. The high quality art design torments me years later. I can't dismiss it, but I can't reccommend it to anybody.

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Jeremy S (ru) wrote: A half-assed mess with several good belly laughs. Martin Short is a true blue genius, and though "La La Wood" is certainly among his most scattershot big screen offerings, it's also probably the first one to actually capture just how truly hilarious he can be, if only in fits and starts, as opposed to the technically smoother comedies he churned out in the late '80s and '90s that sanitized him into a trailer-friendly cartoon. Someone needs to give him a bunch of money, complete creative control, and all the time he needs. The result just might be the funniest thing anyone has ever seen. In the meantime, watch old SCTV.

Anna N (it) wrote: Not interested. In general I don't like horror movies.

Jamie C (au) wrote: Wasn't what I was expecting but it was beautiful

Andrew L (mx) wrote: "What I want to know, is will you finish what you've started?" Like 'Snakes On A Plane', this is brilliant because it's so crap. Great to listen to the silly accents, and Sean Connery as king of England, ha!