Chrysty walks through the desert carrying nothing and heading nowhere. She enters a very small town called Silver City. The local community of woman is intrigued by the sudden arrival of an attractive stranger and they find out that Chrysty left a husband and three kids behind. One of the women, McGill, calls Chrysty's husband, West to tell him where his wife is and he comes to town.

Chrysty walks through the desert carrying nothing and heading nowhere. She enters a very small town called Silver City. The local community of woman is intrigued by the sudden arrival of an... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Nevada torrent reviews

Ethan T (ag) wrote: It's an interesting premise - a visiting Montreal lady strikes up a friendship with an erudite, insightful museum guard who works in the famed Kunsthistoriches Museum in Vienna, and through their platonic friendship the viewer explores the multitude of treasures in the galleries. There's certainly a wealth of Breughels, Rembrandts and many other artworks on display in Museum Hours, and it is a treat to see the galleries and Vienna on the big screen. But unfortunately the ad-libbed scenes between Anne and Johann are unengaging and the film drags whenever it strays for too long from the KHM. Perhaps a straight art documentary would have been a better prospect, or even a tour narrated by the admittedly personable fictional museum guard.

David K (ag) wrote: a crazy Australian royal dying woman and her two screwed up but fully grown kids? No thank you

Rich L (ru) wrote: interesting movie and very original. i think was expecting to much with herzog directed and david lynch producing because at the end of the movie i was a little disappointed but strong work by michael shannon.

John S (us) wrote: I'll preface this by saying I'm a fan of Ti West (apart from the questionable Cabin Fever sequel) and I truly enjoy slowly building tension, claustrophobic atmosphere, haunting mood, and a sudden, shocking conclusion. I would argue his three "big films" all succeed in all these areas. However, Trigger Man fails in each. To be honest, I can hardly consider this a movie, per se. It feels like B roll footage that West taped together and called a film. I see what he was going for: true reality, grit, and 'everyman in a dangerous situation' scenario. But the characters are paper thin, especially the lead, who seems to have been lobotomized for all the fear and emotion he shows. And there is no dread, no slow burn; in fact, there's nothing to burn. Even Cinma vrit requires some degree of drama, some human element, at least quality cinematography. Trigger Man feels like a failed college film. I'm glad West has moved on to much greater things. We all have to start somewhere.

Muffin M (mx) wrote: Adrenaline is high, tempers are hot, and racial tensions are boiling over. Against this explosive backdrop, LAPD detective Eldon Perry (Kurt Russell) tutors his rookie partner (Scott Speedman) in the realities of police intimidation and corruption as they investigate a high-profile homicide case. But as the body count rises - and the evidence just doesn't add up --Assistant Chief Arthur Holland (Ving Rhames) threatens to end Perry's brand of "justice" ...if Perry's own demons don't destroy him first.also stars Brendan Gleeson, Michael Michele, Lolita Davidovich, Dash Mihok, Kurupt and Master P.directed by Ron Shelton.

Julia B (fr) wrote: My "Big Fat Greek Wedding" is an excellent movie for anyone who wants to have a good laugh. It's fun comical outlook lets you take a break from humdrum reality and enjoy the fun fantasy of this chick flick. The culture clash that takes part in the movie was excellently written and produced, with bits of fun truth about both lifestyles. This film also shows the hilarity of having a family in our present day and how every family has it's weird quirks and mannerisms. The movie is rather clean, except for a part where it hints that two people are being intimate, but nothing is seen by the viewer. A plus to this movie is that it is "Tom Hanks" approved, he and his wife are producers of this big hit!The movie can be very stereotypical as the two cultures can be very inaccurate, but out of common sense most people know that those situations are not real. (Not to mention that they make the movie WAY better.) Toula Portokalos's (Nia Vardalos) relationship with her family gives everyone a laugh and really pulls you into the movie. Though John Corbett might not be the best actor for the part of Toula's boyfriend (and husband), but this flaw is the least of the movie's troubles and still lets the viewer have an enjoyable time. "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" is a humorous and uplifting film, making it an excellent choice for anyone's movie night!

Alex r (ca) wrote: Kinetic, energized action / heist film, 3000 Miles to Graceland is a far better film that what has been initially said about it. With a great cast of actors, an effective script, this is a film that delivers an entertaining two hours for viewers that want a mindless action picture to watch. The film is not great, but it's much better than what most reviews have said about it, and there is enough going on-screen to make this a worthy film to watch. I quite enjoyed Kurt Russell's performance as well as that OF Kevin Costner's. The way the film goes into the heist elements is very well done, and in turn the thrills mount up afterwards, and it's a satisfying affair for those that enjoy films like these. I found this one to be underrated, and it's a fun film to watch if you're in the right state of mind. However, the film does have a few shortcomings, and it does leave room for improvement, but it's not a bad film by any means. At times the film is darkly humorous, and those elements, don't really work in the story, and it's what brings down the film slightly, but the idea is very good and it's an entertaining heist picture that deserves another chance. The cast do fine work here, and the story is entertaining enough, even if it's not perfect, it's a worthwhile picture to watch if you have nothing else better to watch. 3000 Miles to Graceland is an average film of course could have been better, and you are left wanting more, but overall, it's a pleasant film to watch for genre fans looking for an entertaining genre film to view.

Joey Q (au) wrote: Leonardo dicap and Daniel day lewis star in this masterpiece. A compelling story makes you appreciate and feel connect with both. From the opening battle to the climatic closing this movie is worth every second.

Keaton E (de) wrote: Both too clunky to be a comedy or a romantic film, Snow Day really falls to the blizzard with a very weak script, awful direction, and a lack of real humor.

Lisa B (ca) wrote: A little slow, but a beautiful story of human strength. The

Syed R (ca) wrote: It was surprisingly pretty good for the most part. I thought the first segment was half decent with the Old Chief statue. The Raft segment was really good and had some pretty cool kills. The Hitchhiker segment was easily the best one. The interplays with animation was alright, it didn't really go anywhere once it ends. Overall a much better movie than I thought it was going to be.

Greg W (it) wrote: jane fonda + france's james dean alain delon=good drama

tonya p (br) wrote: this movie is great fun. love it:)

Patryk C (fr) wrote: A very successful adaptation of a mystery tale written by Agatha Christie. An old-school suspense thriller that stimulates imaginations with its complex murder tale and hypnotizing song motive. At a remote island guests of insane and unknown judge are being killed one by one in a most unusual fashion, corresponding to the tale of Ten Little Indians. I must say that the darkish atmosphere really amazed me the first time I saw it.

Fong K (br) wrote: viewed on 6/10/04 (Wed)I like high school chick flicks. Correction. Bitch flick, like MEAN GIRLS, SUGAR & SPICE etc. The bitch talk is such a turn-on for me. That is solely the reason why I borrow this title.It is very entertaining. That kind of movies you will sit back and enjoy the bitch fight. Then of course for sports movies like this, there will a big showdown at some tournament. I can kind of expect things like it-is-more-than-just-a-game coming-of-age subplots, team spirit, integrity, dignity, honour blah blah blah you know the clich (C)s .The 'sports' chosen (cheerleading) does not prepare me for something more enlightening. You see the sports itself is not really taken seriously. Just cheer and act cute. Wrong. This movie tells you it is more than that. In fact there are cases the cheerleading squad is more well-known than the team they are cheering for. There are very nice touches on the it-is-more-than-just-a-game coming of age, team spirit, integrity, dignity, honour blah blah blah you know the clich (C)s .I like movies like this. It looks dumb but in fact it has a big heart and maybe an equally big brain too. Just like I like smart pretty girls. What a major major turn-on!Rating: A-

Alex B (au) wrote: " Are you through? "

Paul A (fr) wrote: Not a horror movie (as the poster might lead you to believe) but instead a decent little thriller which does sort of lose its way in the final act. Still, oddly fascinating, above average and worth a rental in my opinion.