Never on the First Night

Never on the First Night

Jamais le premier soir (2014), or Never on the First Night, is a French comedy about Julie, a woman who is unlucky in love despite her bubbly demeanor. After being dumped yet again she ...

Jamais le premier soir (2014), or Never on the First Night, is a French comedy about Julie, a woman who is unlucky in love despite her bubbly demeanor. Her job at a bookstore takes an ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Guenter S (gb) wrote: Just watched it. Great, intense movie with deep, intense characters. Explicitly recommended!

Ryan S (ag) wrote: 1.5/5. The 3rd act is fun, but the the rest of the movie is pretty uninteresting, but it is much better than the 3rd film.

Carl S (kr) wrote: Being a huge fan of Spalding Gray, this was a great look into his life and how the art of monologues broke to the big screen. The ending sequence could not be more fitting or haunting about his life.

Daniel L (jp) wrote: Great entertaining movie with a touching ending. Can be cheesy at times, but a good movie overall.

Jennifer R (es) wrote: Depressing. It really left an impact for several days. Although the trial and media were a total circus, in the end, she couldn't be proven innocent. Reminds me to always lock my luggage.

Sheila R (ca) wrote: Girl Movie ... When can we go??

Lulinda L (mx) wrote: LOVED IT but so heart wrenching! : '(

Kyle G (mx) wrote: Ulrich Seidl is really taking it there these days.

Marion B (ru) wrote: I really love this movie.

Robin J (kr) wrote: 5 stars on cover alone. I bought this on ebay for 7 dollars, then they sent it back to me, with my money because they thought the video might have been counterfeit.

Eric H (it) wrote: The best thing about this film is undoubtedly the style and atmosphere that Bava gives it. The film looks absolutely stunning and the locations used work brilliantly within the context of the plot. The castle at the centre of the film makes for a great place to set a Gothic horror movie and locations such as the torture chamber really help to give the film a truly horrific style. The gore is not one of the main features of this movie, but there's still some on display and the killings are generally very good - seeing the Baron try out his torture devices on various unlucky victims is a lot of fun. With the plot being so simple, the film isn't always totally engaging, but the atmosphere is always enough to keep the film focused. The Baron himself is a ghastly creation and his first appearance is a major highlight. The acting isn't helped by some bad dubbing, but cult stars Elke Sommer and Joseph Cotten deliver good performances. The ending is predictable like the majority of the film but it's good enough and overall I can certainly recommend this film to people who value style over substance and appreciate a good Gothic horror movie

arif b (mx) wrote: ohoho oidipus kompleksi zerine yeni bir yorum.

Ivan B (ru) wrote: I actually liked this one very much, except for the annoyng spanish guitar soundtrack...

Jeff K (ag) wrote: loved this movie, it's a annual tradition watching this before the new season starts.

Richard D (kr) wrote: It's not often mentioned in this context, but "Magnum Force" may be an example of a sequel that's better than the original film. At minimum, it's as good as "Dirty Harry". The screenplay by Michael Cimino and John Milius expands on Callahan's character and humanizes him a bit more, and tempers the criticism that Callahan is just a fascist by setting him against villains who arguably are fascists. If Ted Post is not quite the director that Don Siegel is, he's a competent craftsman who handles the film with workmanlike efficiency.

Adam H (gb) wrote: one of the best 80's movies ever made