Zach Riley (Aaron Eckhart) is a psychiatrist, who leaves a job at a prestigious university, to take up a job at the privately run mental institution, 'Millwood'. What he doesnt reveal at the time of his appointment is that this was the very place where his novelist father, T.L. Pierson (Nick Nolte), spent many years of his life.

A well-educated psychiatrist leaves an academic career to work at an institution where his father, a novelist, lived before writing a renowned children's book. Acclimating to his position, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrew C (ag) wrote: A fantastic change of pace from the typical DBZ battle. Instead of long monolagues and charging up, we are given a fun and comedic setting. There is still great suspense, however, as Vegeta tries his best to keep the planet from being destroyed, through some funny sequences.Once the battle kicks off, the film becomes hit or miss. This is definitely the most gorgeous DBZ animation to date, but the suspense does get thrown out the window once the fists start flying. And the final fight, while fun, is cut short (arguably, for good reason.) Ultimately, this is a quintessential DBZ flick, one that has revitalized the series.

Nicole S (ag) wrote: pretty good... definitely different take on Robin Hood though.

Oliver N (de) wrote: With both lead performances worthy of Oscars - and Lawrence receiving one for her extraordinary efforts - Silver Lining is really just work of pure genius to the majority of an audience, however a few may get slightly outsmarted by the works of it all. Still nonetheless an excellent movie by any means.Verdict: A-

Luciene C (ag) wrote: Mesmo depois de tanto tempo, e mesmo reconhecendo suas caractersticas particulares, que tentam aproxim-lo de Crime e Castigo, eu sempre vou ver Match Point como uma verso inferior de Crimes e Pecados, um filme muito mais rico e mais bem estruturado.

Tom V (jp) wrote: The people in this documentary are vile, hate filled, and laughable, yet the film's unflinching look at idiocy which prevents you from looking away!

nnj M (mx) wrote: COOL FILM ESP FOR FANATIC SURFERS LYK ME!! um....kinda o.k

Anders A (jp) wrote: The world, the nature, the people, mankind, spirits, winds, motion, changes, evolution, ancient, new, old. All shown in a spiritual beautiful way, giving a tremendous broadened vision of life here on earth. Simply magnificent.

Brian G (es) wrote: violent and entertaining. being another adaptation for the same source as "Death Wish". It seemed to go a little further into moral and personal issues here and there without straying or copying too much.

Nick T (it) wrote: High on the moody, dream-like, surrealism scale. Plot? Who cares? It's really a mood piece and borders on experimental cinema. I would argue this film is "genius" - in fact, of quasi-nonlinear story telling. Cobwebs, castles, candles and ghosts. Exquisite sets and brilliant black and white cinematography with that beautiful Italian aesthetic. You gotta first love the genre to appreciate this one, otherwise you won't "get it" - 60's European haunted castle flicks. And within that genre - that doesn't contain that many films really, this is the best. It's like stepping into someone's dream. To be watched alone late at night with a nice glass or two of dry red wine. This is - literally- an unheralded masterpiece of surreal film making. If it was made by David Lynch or a contemporary auteur instead of being written off as a schlocky 60's Italian horror flick, critics would be gushing. Less a horror film than a dreamy, dark, and surreal adult fairy tale. I love this film, and I make it a point to watch it every few years.

Tony P (ca) wrote: 1970 British thriller that is based on location in the idyllic French countryside. Two young British women are on a cycling holiday through the long straight roads of France when after some petty argument they go their seperate ways.Later on one of the women Jane gets a guilty conscience and turns back in the hope of finding her friend Cathy except she can't locate her.I won't go into the details of the remainder of the film except to say some strange French locals and English ex pats bring fear and doubt into Jane about the safety of Cathy.The film achieves its goal in making it's audience constantly change their mind as to what could have happened and by whom to Cathy.Some random observations I made included the cast.Jane is played by Michele Dotrice who went onto fame later in the decade as Betty Spencer in BBC comedy Some Mothers Do 'Ave Em.The soundtrack seems to consist solely of one annoying tune played on every radio and restaurant in the film it seems.The French countryside does look good even in a film print some 45 years old.I believe there has been a later 'remake' of this film.I was satisfied with this considering its low budget English film origins.

Addie A (br) wrote: Weird I haven't seen this I get all the parodies...anyway, very witty and great cinematography as usual with Quentin Tarantino, also great music and no good guys...I got a thing for wanting to be able to sympathize with someone other than a bit character...otherwise, quite good :)