New York Confidential

New York Confidential

Story follows the rise and subsequent fall of the notorious head of a New York crime family, who decides to testify against his pals in order to avoid being killed by his fellow cohorts.

A top syndicate crime boss and his corrupt politicians, make multi-million deals and order murders , until the vicious pattern finally catches up to him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Golia K (ag) wrote: Blood Father doesn't bring anything particularly original to the table

Mayooran N (de) wrote: Mystery & Suspense Movie with less Blood !!!

Stacey O (ca) wrote: Asks more questions than it answers. Could be better. Makes you wonder how many other companies run this way.

Nathan D (ag) wrote: Nothing about this movie is really any different than your typical Rich Christiano movie(He made great films back in the day, but they are all so similar). It quickly turns a story about Alien abductions into the subject of spiritual warefare, and preaches the gospel in a very direct way. Rich's recent movies are hard to grasp for me, because one - I really don't know how effective they can be towards a "non-believer", in the sense that they are very agenda based; and I don't think that is entirely effective in todays society. Much like Josh Adamsons character, I think the movie will be viewed from his perspective, not wavering the soul of a non-christian. However, someone on a level of crisis in their belief system, might find it thought provoking and edifying. But that said, as a christian - it is entertaining, and hats off to Rich for continuing to make great church movies with a solid message...but... I really do think we need to look at our motives and ways of communicating these messages and think of something different, just like Facing the Giants - which was in my opinion, a great success in capturing the emotion and authenticity of Christianity. Now, technically, the movie was obviously low budget. The acting was borderline, but their talent was decent. All of the camera shots were straight forward, nothing new and spectacular (dolly shots, pan shots etc... same 'ole same 'ole, nothing new here). I didn't particularly find any artstic element other than the story excecution. The way they played with the UFO scenes by not actually showing (due to the budget, I'm sure) anything, were edited and thought out nicely. The lighting was mostly unoticable, there was however one scene in particular that stood out: when Brad is on the phone, and walks in a small hallway next to a flight of stairs(barely visable) the back lighting here is a little harsh and unrealisticly distracting. The ending was a little abrupt, but causes you to ponder on it's motives - and overall seemed appropriete. I really wish they could have tied the loose plot lines up in a more gratifying way though, with the UFO plot line. They didn't really seem to reach a conclusion regarding the idea of demonic activity before it dropped that and turned into a rapture movie. Oh!And did anyone else catch the cameo appearance by Rich? That's all for now.. I do think though you should support Richs ministry and pick up a copy.

Julie K (jp) wrote: muito bom, apesar da atuao fraca de david thewlis... a no ser que aqueles tiques e a cara de maluco do professor de piano fossem propositais.

Andrew U (jp) wrote: For Your Eyes Only is a slow-burner of a Bond film with some great ideas that could have been executed better.

Zane T (de) wrote: This movie could be the ultimate drinking game. Every time, one of the little girls says Mama, you take a shot. Everytime you hear the banjo music, take a shot. Everytime, you see a scene that is poorly shot or directed, take a shot. This should at least have you passed out or so tipsy you won't care for the Angie Dickinson-William Shatner sex scene half way through the movie. Yes, it is a sight not wanting to be seen. This exploitation movie tried to capture off the success of Bonnie and Clyde but it looks all amateur and pieced together.

Private U (us) wrote: Like the ending says...In war no one wins. How true that is!

Dave J (ca) wrote: Monday, November 15, 2010 (1953) Angel Face THRILLER/ DRAMA 'Film Noir' has Robert Mitchum as Frank making a mistake by entrusting femme fatale Diane(Jean Simmons) with expected results! Their is good written dialogue here with parts that requires a viewer to use a fast- forward control button because of the dragging storyline especially if it dwells on scenes a little too long- I don't think I would've liked this film as much if I watched this film straight up without some kind of control on how to view this since the film is slightly outdated! This is an unusual role for Jean Simmons as opposed to how I always saw her! 2.5 out of 4 2.5 out of 4

Simon D (br) wrote: I didn't even realise this was supposed to be a comedy it was so dull. The message at the end seems all wrong too but I believe it lives on in American society even today, that no shame can possibly become a war hero and therefore no trial was necessary.

Jose R (nl) wrote: Nothing but a fun action packed guilty pleasure film.

Paul D (kr) wrote: It does well to create an atmosphere of its own in one of England's more remote counties, which works well enough with the oppressive family unit shown.