A newlywed couple's honeymoon is upended by the arrivals of their respective sisters.

Newlyweds Buzzy and Katie find their blissful life disrupted by the arrival of his half-sister and news of her sister's marriage troubles. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Newlyweds torrent reviews

Marc T (kr) wrote: I think a half star may be too much.. but I gotta rate it something.Poor acting, bad plot, worse cgi, the whole thing stinks.

Jonathan G (ru) wrote: Strange very interesting soundtrack a great fantasy film with fun side characters and some funny moments

Hans J E (au) wrote: Quick rating of a film seen in the past.

Corey D (ag) wrote: Valley of the wind contains Miyazaki's Classic and wonderful charm, while also creating a breathtaking atmosphere and a gripping tale about the consequences of humanity's mistakes.

Brian S (au) wrote: the series just gets sillier, campier, and funnier as it goes along. the story is pretty formulaic, but it works charmingly nonetheless. outstanding humour--Hope and Crosby are on the tops of their games. the music is also pretty good, especially the title song. a truly entertaining comedic gem.

Ashish T (au) wrote: Nice period-piece, semi-documentary, hilarious musical nostalgia.

Brad G (kr) wrote: Black Caesar, like Super Fly, is another version of the Little Caesar/Scarface tale of the rise and fall of a super criminal. However, what Black Caesar has is Fred Williamson, his badass mutton chops, and a killer James Brown soundtrack. I really enjoy how the 1953 shoe shine boy prologue bleeds into the 1966-1973 narrative; you start to believe that Williamson??s Godfather of Harlem could strongarm his way into mob territory. The always dependable Julian Harris stops by for a quick turn as Williamson??s reformed, but rather sad rolling stone papa and Art Lund??s racist cop is perfectly villainous. Still, it??s a typical rise, fall story and I??m one of those kooks that prefers the mondo craziness of the film??s sequel, Hell Up In Harlem to this average crime saga. VF.

Mad M (au) wrote: Reasonably entertaining. Some smart dialogue and plot development, mixed with chaos.