Las Vegas showroom magician Cris Johnson has a secret which torments him: he can see a few minutes into the future. Sick of the examinations he underwent as a child and the interest of the government and medical establishment in his power, he lies low under an assumed name in Vegas, performing cheap tricks and living off small-time gambling "winnings." But when a terrorist group threatens to detonate a nuclear device in Los Angeles, government agent Callie Ferris must use all her wiles to capture Cris and convince him to help her stop the cataclysm.

Blessed, or cursed, with the ability to see events minutes before they occur, Cris Johnson earns a living as a magician in Las Vegas and keeps a low profile under an alias. Cris then draws the attention of FBI agent Callie Ferris who is seeking to use his abilities to prevent a nuclear terrorist attack. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Fernando C (ru) wrote: very funny mexican movie with an outstanding cast!

Ben B (kr) wrote: Absolutely insane and hilariously awesome. Honestly, I like it more than the first one.

Netta R (nl) wrote: it was really cute! i enjoyed this one!

James B (jp) wrote: If you have a gram of humanity in your being, you need to see this film. On a budget that would be considered Draconian even by Indian standards, independent director Onir has crafted one of the finest movies ever to come out of India. Sanjay Suri's portrayal of a champion swimmer struck by tragedy at the peak of his career is nothing short of sparkling and the "supporting" roles of Juhi Chawla, Purab Kholi, Victor Bannerjee and Lillette Dubey would all stand as award worthy on their own.If you only see one Indian movie in your lifetime, My Brother Nikhil should be on the short list to fill that spot.

Heather M (mx) wrote: This is a very sweet story, but Birdee's character is rather shallow. If you only watch this for the romance and the happy ending you won't be disappointed.

Sandra A (br) wrote: An entertaining B thriller with an ambitious plot : sexual deviations, murder, suspense.Great cast

Jacob R (ru) wrote: Truly a film series that becomes more impressive and meaningful with each installment.

Paul W (ag) wrote: I've added a few older movies to my Netflix queue. I remember watching Silkwood when it was new and thinking it was pretty political, but on this second viewing, decades later, it comes across as less political and more of an interesting story. Meryl Streep plays Karen Silkwood as an everyday working woman who gradually becomes alarmed over safety lapses at a nuclear plant and gets involved with the workers' union, alienating her lover and co-worker (Kurt Russell) and becoming persona non grata with management and many of her co-workers. Eventually a Washington DC-based union official, clearly using her to advance his own career, talks her into sneaking evidence of a safety coverup by plant officials out of the plant and delivering it to a New York Times reporter. She dies in a car crash on her way to meet the reporter. As I recall, all these things were based on the true story of Karen Silkwood, and all are factual. There's no firm evidence Silkwood was murdered, but that's what everyone believed at the time and the movie strongly suggests that's how it went down. Streep and Kurt Russell are great in this movie; Cher is just sort of there and I'm not even sure why. Good movie; well worth watching, especially if you didn't see it first time around.

Benjamin J (nl) wrote: If anyone asked me if they should watch this film, I'd say "If you don't have anything else to's ok, I guess". But deep down I'd be wondering why I'd given it such a glowing endorsement as that.

Nick R (us) wrote: Beautiful aesthetic but oh so boring.

bob l (us) wrote: Not what I was expecting. Alternately philosophical, stupid, annoying, funny, yet often perceptive and, at times, very poignant. Carney, and Tonto, were great throughout.

Spencer H (mx) wrote: How bad can a movie get.