Next Door

Next Door

Matt and Karen have inconsiderate neighbours whose lawn sprinkler drowns their flowers. A feud errupts and a series of tit-for-tat actions develop and escalate.

Matt and Karen have inconsiderate neighbors whose lawn sprinkler drowns their flowers. A feud erupts and a series of tit-for-tat actions develop and escalate. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pavan R (ca) wrote: An interesting portrayal of marriage in a changing scenario of maturing people. Quite intense and troubling at times but keeps you engrossed. Good direction and editing with strong performances

Wes S (jp) wrote: This one is painful. Poorly made, the cinematography is terrible, the acting is worse, and the plot is zombie-generic. Too much low-budget action, the characters are cheesy and the effects are rough.

Frances H (de) wrote: Wonderfully moving story of Harvey Milk's rise to political activist, first openly gay person to be elected to public office and, sadly, martyr for the cause. Excellent cast, particularly Sean Penn, who does a wonderful job with the role. This film is a plea against prejudice for anyone who is different, because, in our own individual way, we all are.

Mohammed Ammar A (it) wrote: well, this is extremely gorgeous by full of bizarre acts from each character, and surreal black humor scene. I couldn't agree more...a weird Masterpiece ! Cool !

Allan S (ca) wrote: Every once in a while a film comes along that leaves you with nothing but maybe a rotting feeling in your brain. This is as close to 5-star NON films you get, the characters are poorly portrayed thus you end up not really caring about any of be fair they dont deserve sympathy, they dont even show anguish at losing their own mother. Stupid film, stupid plot, just stupid.

Dr F P (ru) wrote: This sequel just wasn't worth it, the story is boring and i didn't find 2 very memorable. It's not an inspired movie that's for sure. Stuart is still a sweet character but i think it's best if he's left in his first foray.

Sgt C (jp) wrote: (72%) One of Stallone's best performances featured in this star-studdedmodern-day classic police movie. Sly gives a great subtle performanceplaying a heavily stepped on and taken for granted sheriff, and as he'salongside a great solid cast this makes what could have been a quitegeneric and forgettable movie into something that will quite honestlystand the test of time. Despite this being very much a cop movie in allactuality it has more in common with a well crafted western, withdifferent shades of grey surrounding each character, and with its plotbased on redemption and people doing the right thing when it is neededmost. A must watch for crime movie fans.

YiTing W (ru) wrote: Interesting storyline, fantastic acting all round especially from Gary Oldman (Joe) and Alfred Molina (Kenneth) who both absorb into the characters with incredible style. Laugh wholeheartedly at the joke in the title.

James H (us) wrote: 80/100. I love classics like this. What a marvelous cast. With Clark Gable, Jean Harlow, Myrna Loy and Jimmy Stewart, it has to be good. The plot is a familiar one, but with all this talent, it comes off beautifully and fresh. Well done MGM production, their usual good art direction, score and costumes. The fine writing held my interest throughout.

Jesse W (gb) wrote: One of the definitive Haunted House movies. An easy A+ on atmosphere.

Ralph R (kr) wrote: Quotable. Check. Memorable characters. Check. Cute girls. Actually not really. Ogre. Check. My dad use to call me booger; I wonder why, eh? This film is always a fun time.