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Next Generation


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Greg T (de) wrote: Why do they even spend the money?

Hiu C (br) wrote: simple and beautiful the emotion is very well built up..

Ollie W (us) wrote: "Beat" Takeshi's latest twisted effort is nothing but a tiring, illusive, violent, intelligent, self-referential mind-fuck.

Nathan R (gb) wrote: Classic Christmas Story

Eric R (fr) wrote: 'Dead End Drive In' is the type of film which I am ashamed to say I never watched until now. The film takes place in an Post-Apocalyptic Australia. We are introduced to our main character Crabs, a young man, whom wishes he was bigger and stronger like his brother. One night, Crabs takes his girlfriend to a drive in movie theater, which later we find out is actually an internment camp set of by the government. Crabs is told he cannot leave, and most of the film follows him as he tries to figure out how to get the parts for his 57 Chevy which he needs to escape. The film is pretty much all that I love about 80's sci-fi. The pounding synth inspired score is awesome, along with the amazing production design mainly composed of neon lights, spray paint artistry, and some amazingly over the top costumes, make-up and hairstyles. At its core the film is clearly a social commentary, as we watch Crabs and his girlfriend grow more distant as there viewpoints on the situation tend to differ. She views the place as having everything she needs, while Crabs views himself as a prisoner.There is even a random subplot involving White Supremacists holding an Anti-Asian protest rally, when a bunch of new asian prisoners are brought into the camp. The film is over-the-top, with many of the other prisoners being played hysterically over-the top. Some people think this film is boring because most of the action doesnt come til near the very end, but I personally was just fascinated with this 80's post apocalyptic world that was created. Speaking of, the action towards the end is exciting, with some good car chase action and great cinematography which you would expect coming from this type of film. The film is quite gorgeous, and the director even does some very fun things using the drive-in screen. For example, during the White Supremacist rally, the director screens his own film "The Man From Hong Kong', its very tongue and cheek in that regard. Essentially its a lot of fun for anyone whom is a fan of 80's sci-fi trash cinema or even Oz Exploitation. The inclusion of a racist subplot might not have been necessary, but the irony of White Supremacists holding an Anti-Asian rally during a screening of Trenchard-Smith's "The Man From Hong Kong" is delicious. P

Miles K (nl) wrote: Cheesy and fun but actually a good movie. 7.1/10

Ingmar A (nl) wrote: Giallo inspired and filled with eerie ambience. One of the creepiest villains to hit the screen.

(mx) wrote: The most celebrated film from India, I must say that. The brilliant use of camera angels, light and so called Neo Realism technique is superb. Though Ray made several brilliant film latter, but this is his most loved film, unquestionably. Ray found some slow movement in the first half of his debut himself, but we can't, because that is beyond of our knowledge. The musical structure of this film, use of motifs, ans the brilliant characterization of Indira Thakurun just thrilled us. this trilogy is one of the best in world, and the character of Indir, must be best in world cinema, considering Gorky Trilogy.

Scott C (mx) wrote: This is a very strange film. It has what I feel to be undeserved classic status. I think it has something to do with Joan Crawford being a strong female lead. However, aside from this unique angle, it is fairly boring, with unlikeable characters.

Collin P (ca) wrote: I was disappointed with this movie. It was so dark and most of the time boring. I found myself checking how much longer was left more than being involved in the story.