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Next Step

Thomas, Dennis, Mads, Søs and Kirsten have all been friends through many years in spite of their differences. In common for them all is the big step they need to overcome to enter adulthood. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nilesh J (it) wrote: A good assembly of actors and unique backdrop. The sweet story had a lot more potential and seemed to shy away in keeping things ridiculously simple and earthy.

Michael W (fr) wrote: A enveloping beginning like a film with purpose; to only end on a drunk and drug inspired note that loses half its audience and any who liked it has more brains then brawn, tries to sober up in its final moments but only buries any interesting or enjoyable parts of the film in the fields in England.The most original recent horror film. A new type of black-comedy. The film follows a couple of deserters into the fields of England during the civil war, they become hostages to a alchemist who seems to have insight to a buried treasure in the fields, he forces them to help him with supernatural powers or drug use, so this film could have a number of meanings and theories, to come up with one would mean I actually thought the film was an entertaining watch, although it was interesting, its complex use of a bad acid trip near the end completely lost me, with the film already losing my interest when one of the character deaths effects the others with such grief. Men in a brutal war, cry like babies for a dude they had met the same day, completely lost me. If you liked this you might also like films like Under The Skin (a great film with a the same type trivial feel) or 2001: Space Odyssey.

Christopher B (kr) wrote: I tip my hat to any shark movie that starts with a space ship with 2 aliens not paying attention to the road... er sky, and smashing into a space station. If only Jaws had that people might remember it as well as Raging Sharks.This here is a doozy though. Lots left to the imagination (people escaping harrowing and fatal incidents without any explanation), great dialogue and characters doing ridiculous things. Oh, and sharks, but no Robert De Niro.

Private U (mx) wrote: Probably one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Maybe worth seeing for a laugh.

Ronnie S (br) wrote: Billy Bob Thornton og Morgan Freeman ... Ah .. 2 gode kngte. Og Dunst har jeg ogs altid haft et je til, omend hendes performances er meget svingende. Her var hun dog okay. Ikke en film fyldt med action fra start til slut, men derimod en man kan tnke lidt over bagefter... Og det er jo fint hvis man er i humr til det :)

Matt J (ag) wrote: This is a gentle film with interesting characters that keep you engaged. Don't expect fireworks but enjoy the leisurely stroll through North Africa with the family.

Bryce F (ag) wrote: Once again, I had to dock half a point for some jokes that rubbed me the wrong way. But this is a VERY enjoyable movie. It's shorter than most episodes in the series and maybe it's for the better. I never felt like it was dragging. It was hilarious and does the series good.

Eric H (it) wrote: Cambridge and St. Jacques are one of all time best buddy cop duos. They are hip, sexy, and funny. The mystery is intriguing, and the uncomfortable situations keep the viewer's attention throughout. This is one to be seen uncut, because a lot of the humor is quite racy. It's a time capsule in a way also since the Harlem depicted here no longer exists.

Troy J (it) wrote: Filmed in c-town, woo hoo