Nice Guy Johnny

Nice Guy Johnny

Johnny Rizzo, is about to trade his dream job in talk radio for some snooze-ville gig that'll pay enough to please his fiance. Enter Uncle Terry, a rascally womanizer set on turning a weekend in the Hamptons into an eye-opening fling for his nephew. Nice guy Johnny's not interested, of course, but then he meets the lovely Brooke, who challenges Johnny to make the toughest decision of is life.

Johnny Rizzo, is about to trade his dream job in talk radio for some snooze-ville gig that'll pay enough to please his fiancée. Enter Uncle Terry, a rascally womanizer set on turning a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Fivos G (jp) wrote: Surprisingly good. An underestimated movie.

Andrew B (gb) wrote: Last time I checked, a parody isn't a recreation. It's the same crap we've seen a lot in recent times. Just gore porn for the gore hores.

Jamie C (ru) wrote: Some funny bits but overall pretty average, It's the American version of Johnny English.

Jordyn S (br) wrote: this was a very good movie i cant imagine y some people wouldnt think so

Sergio E (fr) wrote: This is not a Kung Fu action movie, so those looking for fight scenes will be disappointed. It is a thrilling story of two warrior knights acting under their own sense of honor and called to action in circumstances beyond their control, against the backdrop of the turbulent and multi-cultural Silk Road. China being the vast country it is has birthed many such thrilling adventures of wandering warriors, itinerant mercenaries, Buddhist monks and pretty maidens. Think of romance or adventure novels based on the Middle Ages! The thrill of the story is to watch the two warriors meeting, one supposedly as the imperial agent sent to eliminate the renegade and intent on his mission, the other as the free agent warrior trying to live a life according to his own personal code of honor. When the two of them unite to fight hordes of greedy bandits, we see hand to hand combat, pursuits on horseback and sieges of a fort. The unusual angles in this movie, for most movie goers, comes from the time and place: the warriors are from 700 A.D, a T'ang Dynasty era. The location is in the far western reaches of China and the locales are not traditionally "Chinese". The landscapes change from mountainous to woodsy to desert. There are thrilling scenes of camel caravans and desert towns and forts. The protagonists wear battle gear and the long hair of that period, which remind me vividly of French and English knights and crusaders of that era! The final siege of the desert fort reminds of the male warrior bonding in desperado scenes like in "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid"; or the "Alamo"; or the "Three Musketeers". The Buddhist relic transported by the caravan reminds me of the Catholic relics from dead saints found in many mystery or adventure stories based on the Middle Ages. The finale reminds me of the movie "Raiders of the Lost Ark" when the bad guys seem to be on the edge of acquiring the treasure, only to be annihilated, leaving some of the good guys to move on... It is great entertainment and gives one yet another view of the Chinese culture about warriors of its complex past. Though this is a "heroic epic" telling of the Golden Age of China, director Ping He does an outstanding job of blending depth of character with period- and action-realism within only 115 minutes. The springboard/wire-fighting is kept to a minimum and is subtly crafted. These are heroes who have skills far beyond the ordinary, and the fighting effects merely convey that without rubbing it in or going over the-top. Every major character is developed in this story except for the young monk, and you'll understand why at the end. We even spend a little time with Lai Qi's 3 loyal soldiers and their families, getting to understand what they've been doing and what is important to them. The plot does involve a magical object, but there are only two scenes with associated special-effects, which were as nicely done as any Hollywood CGI. The first time, it is essential to developing the story and our understanding of why these men will fight so hard to protect it. The second time, only to establish its proper role in the epilogue. There is a hint of a love-story, which I find unnecessary in films like these, but I didn't moan or groan here because it is kept deep in a minor subplot and used primarily to demonstrate that the protagonist is not truly a criminal or a bad man. Not that Ping He doesn't know how to tell a good love story, as he did brilliantly in 1994's "Red Firecracker, Green Firecracker" (Pao Da Shuang Deng). I think he was forced to add it, and simply relegated it to the lowest priority. A Chinese emissary is sent to the Gobi desert to execute a renegade soldier. When a caravan transporting a Buddhist monk and a valuable treasure is threatened by thieves, however, the two warriors might unite to protect the travelers.

King L (ag) wrote: Interesting movie but a bit confusing and hard to follow. I had to rewind and rewatch some scenes to understand what was going on. Liked Maggie Gyllenhall and Lisa Kudrow.

missy k (jp) wrote: gong yoo is so funny. so different from his character in coffee prince. still a nice movie. enjoyable.

Sarah O (es) wrote: I actually really liked this movie. I thought it was acted well. I loved the interaction between characters. A little too much nudity for my taste however. Loved Jonathan Rhys Meyers in this. Brilliant!

Bruno D (de) wrote: Star Trek: The Voyage Home is the fourth movie in the Star Trek Original series and it picks up right where the third movie left off. The film follows the main crew as an alien probe approaches earth and is going to destroy it but the only thing thats able to communicate with it and stop it are humpback whales which are all extinct. The crew then has to venture back to the 20th century in order to bring the whales to their time and prevent the end of the world. Gotta say I love this movie. This is the most light hearted of the series so far and by far the funniest. I laughed a lot in this movie. The cast delivers great and hilarious performances as well as being iconic and memorable have great banter between Kirk and Spock. I highly recommend this movie. It may be the least Star Trekie of the series but its definitely a risk they took and it payed off.

Chandra N (it) wrote: I love "love" storiesthat have a happy ending.

Nick K (es) wrote: Wake in Fright, one of the most well-known "lost films" of Australian cinema, is a surreal, disturbing psychological thriller detailing one man's alcohol-induced descent into moral depravity. Shocking, menacing and brutally dark from start to finish, this seminal "Ozploitation" film depicts self-destruction and degradation on a horrifyingly authentic level that few films have ever managed.

David B (ag) wrote: rather dull film, nothing particularily entertaining, though the underwater effects at the end are quite good

Hobie P (gb) wrote: Chessy and obvious but I could probably get through it again if I had to and maybe even enjoy it.

Murder C (fr) wrote: "I, Madman" or "Hardcover" as it is known as in Europe is a good, but sadly forgotten 80's type horror movie. Virginia (Jenny Wright) loves reading horror novels and comes across one titled 'I, Madman'. In the book a insane doctor named Malcolm Brand (Randall William Cook) kills people and take their body parts to later attach them to himself in order to look pretty for a girl he likes. While reading, Virginia discovers that the book is a non-fiction biography and that a series of murders has happened in her city are connected to the book. "I, Madman" has a good story and creepy atmosphere and is definitely worth checking out for horror fans. If there is a horror movie that could use a good remake it's this one, I'm positive that it can be done better.