Going from a lawyer to a writer, and then to a film director, is the career path on which we find the bashful Leo Harrigan. But Leo has problems as well, such as being hopelessly smitten with his leading lady, who chooses to reward his attentions by getting herself hitched to Harrigan's vulgar leading man, Buck Greenaway! This movie is based, extremely loosely, on the early career on Cecil B. De Mille. - Written by Alfred Jingle

This homage to the childhood days of the motion pictures starts in 1910, when the young attorney Leo Harrigan by chance meets a motion picture producer. Immediately he's invited to become a... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Martin G (ru) wrote: Relativement intressant mais gch par la dernire partie du film et le concept devenu "surutilis" des "food footages",

Alek D (es) wrote: Great movie! I have watched it a couple times!

Arum Padma O (br) wrote: What I love about this movie is, it doesn't bother talking about how hard it is being gay, or about emotional quest determining someone's sexuality. It could be a normal relationship story with its ups and downs, and this movie provides an interesting insight about that.

Farron K (au) wrote: Solid story, much better than the middling Giratina movie before it. Nice to see all the big Gen IV legendaries on-screen at once. Arceus' voice was still too comedic/kid-friendly to be taken seriously, but otherwise he was pretty badass. I like how this whole Gen IV arc adds a good deal to the mythos of the Pokemon universe, setting up how the world functions in a similar fashion to what the Lucario movie did to establish a past for the world. Overall, a good Pokemon movie. The music was terrible as always with these kiddie things (FIGHT FOR GOOD WE'LL MAKE IT THROUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!), there was a fair amount of cheesy sappy crap, and the typical plot-holes (so Ash was their savior in the first timeline but when he went back he became it again?), but otherwise good.

Josh E (ru) wrote: Funny in places, strange in others. Its a true story with heart and humour and likeable enough characters.

Sharon P (it) wrote: It's not awful. I mean it's better than having bamboo splinters under my nails, so there's that.

theresa c (it) wrote: Exceptional movie!!!

EWC o (nl) wrote: Completely botched adaption of the book. Almost nothing similar, and negates the powerful symbolism of its literary counterpart.

Karl H (it) wrote: This story seems to completely disrespect the actual history and culture of anything, in order to aggrandize Serious as a performer. Gags in this film are contrived, childish, and telegraphed. Some of the humor is purely for groundlings, while other jokes suggest simply having thumbed through some historical names, the most obvious of which was the use of Marie Curie as a love interest, who by the time she was an accomplished scientist was also married and much older than depicted in the film. The antagonist is a 2 dimensional character named Preston Preston, who seems to have only two features to his character: malicious and cowardly, although it's obvious that a certain amount of ego is suggested. What's even more contrived is the idea that any average person in the 1900s could understand particle physics and energy. This part of history is most smudged when Charles Darwin, who is made into a scientific patriarch (despite being chiefly a biologist) can somehow understand physics and atomic fission. That isn't to put anything past the man, but the writers also had whores in a baudy house understanding the subject, while the actual father of the Einstein character is portrayed as a hick. On a more private note to the actual historical figure, nothing is made of the fact that Einstein suffered from a neurological condition known as Asperger Syndrome, and would have been very awkward, socially. All in all, this film just abandons all factual material, and how it ended up so popular in Australia is a mystery to me, unless it was just what Australians needed to see.

Stella D (jp) wrote: very strong and heartbreaking film. an almost documentary look at a foster child and his troubles

Johanna L (jp) wrote: Very interesting characters...

Movie K (nl) wrote: Good submarine action war movie.

Laura C (br) wrote: A pretty straightforward noir. Decent storytelling and a standout performance by Audrey Totter. I have to say I was lost as to why Cyd Charisse's character had such implicit trust in our poor badly used protagonist.

Jos M (nl) wrote: Una historia salida solo de la mente del maestro John Carpenter, de lo mejor de su filmografa.

Daniel G (kr) wrote: Phonebooth is thrilling accomplishes the objective of keeping you on the edge of your seat. Acting is convincing and so are the setting and other technical factors. the problem here is the story itself. It's hard to believe itself and has plenty of plot holes. More questions than answers at the end. Let's forget for a second that the caller is basically Rusty Nail from Joy Ride (and that the end isn't exactly the same as Joy Ride too). It was pretty lucky for him that people kept showing up for the plot to continue, but was his motivaiton again? Seems pretty far fetched going through all the trouble he went through. And how did he know every detail of people's lives? Even more important, how did he manage to escape at the end? He was completely surrounded. I know he was an evil mastermind but I call bullshit.

Olivia P (us) wrote: What on earth do you say about a movie like this? It's crazy, hilarious, and essentially a huge romp fest. But it truly is fantastic. I'll admit, whoever did the editing for the movie was definitely asleep but that just made it funnier. Peter Sellers was brilliant as always while Peter O'Toole and Capucine didn't disappoint either. A sexy and wild movie with a LOT of memorable quotes.

Dan K (us) wrote: The man who stole too much of my time with Dogtooth brings another pretentious, opaque, joyless, obnoxious film that enlists live human actors to play the parts of non-humans who don't act like people, to make a statement about nothing (how can it be about anything if the people live in a world that operates off vapid conceits that don't pertain in the slightest to how live humans actually live), but of course critics laud as genius work. Avoid at all costs.