Night and Fog

Night and Fog

The documentary film from French director Resnais set ten years after the Second World War depicts the problems of Auschwitz with shocking images from the concentration camps.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:32 minutes
  • Release:1955
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:prison,   nurse,   torture,  

The history of Nazi Germany's death camps of the Final Solution and the hellish world of dehumanization and death contained inside. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Luis Enrique M (ag) wrote: One of the worst movies I've ever seen. What a waste of time and money

James Y (au) wrote: Nice gem of a movie--Everyone acts in kind of a stilted, formal way, but I'm pretty sure that was the point. The plot does get a little ridiculous, but plenty of laughs along the way.

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Matt H (ru) wrote: Absolutely Hilarious! I can't believe this is the first I've heard of this. If you like Andy Sandberg, Bill Hader, Danny McBride, and Napoleon Dynamite, you'll love this movie.

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Alex K (kr) wrote: My Favorite Comedy Film Is 1933's Duck Soup.

Blake P (mx) wrote: I can't say I really enjoyed "Giulietta degli Spriti". Giulietta (Masina) is a middle-aged woman who is becoming almost certain that her husband (Pisu) is cheating on her. She does everything she can to prove that he is, and along the way she enters her mind into the spiritual world, and at the same time befriends her odd neighbor Suzy (Milo). But soon, the spirits are becoming too overwhelming, as well as the fact that he marriage is over. You can definitely say this movie is beautiful, with the rich Technicolor, fascinating sets, and eye popping costumes. But notice I have not said anything else about the film yet. This is because I didn't like this movie at all. I hate saying ANYTHING negative about Fellini or Masina because they're definitely people that I love anything by, but "Giulietta degli Spiriti" is just too strong. Fellini tries to tap into the character Giulietta's subconscious, but it comes across almost too odd because of the random assortment of things happening, therefore making it seem that he was going for a "I can do whatever I want!" kind of thing. The visuals and audios are certainly stunning, as well as the excellent acting, but "Giulietta degli Spiriti" is just to strange for my taste.

Per Gunnar J (gb) wrote: I am quite surprised, astounded even, that this movie has not received better ratings. It holds a meagre 5.5 at IMDb. Rotten Tomatoe's ratings are, as usual, pure nonsense with a 10% rating and a big rotten icon. Personally I think this is much undeserved. Yes the movie is a bit silly at times and yes it does not take a genius to figure out roughly what is about to happen nor what has happened in the "mysterious" past.Still the movie is visually stunning. I would not say that this is a special effects movie in the traditional sense. There are no insane outbursts of explosions, no car chases, no space fights. However, the scenery is quite good and the martial arts stunts are really really good. Maybe I am biased by the fact that I am a male and the main character happens to be a woman in (very) tight suits but to me many scenes where simply visual poetry. There is an especially noteworthy scene where Aeon and a colleague (who have hands instead of feet by the way) are traversing a "garden of death" in order to get to their target. The whole setup is fairly ludicrous. I mean, in an advanced, highly technological, society who would resort to so bizarre means of protecting their main base of operations? Regardless of that, the sequence is just so cool and visually pleasing.The first two thirds of the movie is probably the best. In the last third it goes a bit overboard with pretty ludicrous gun fights which pretty much defies any logic, science fiction or not. If you have seen old Western movies where the good guy just walks down the street against a hundred "baddies" who all constantly misses him as he, on the other hand, blasts them just by pointing his gun in the general direction...well then you get the picture.Charlize Theron was doing a quite good job of portraying Aeon Flux but my favourite actor was really Marton Csokas as Trevor Goodchild. His mostly calm yet quite imposing appearance was very enjoyable to watch. I had more difficulties with Jonny Lee Miller in the bad guy role. I felt that he was a bit bland but then I am watching Elementary on Netflix right now and there he is a so much more dynamic and impressive character.Anyway, if you are a science fiction fan, do watch this movie. It is much better than the ratings give it credit for as far as I am concerned.

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Farah R (kr) wrote: Elizabeth Winstead's performance is the highlight of this sentimental drama. Although it's slow, there's a credibility to the story that makes it easy to enjoy the little moments.