Night Crawlers

Night Crawlers

Blood is thicker than water in this tiny Texas town. After two centuries of Vampire blood lust one man becomes a hero...without a clue.

Directed by Benjamin Wilbanks, the horror is about two best friends named Rob and Coop who plan to steal an amount of money aiming to get away from their boring small town life. However, they did not expect that their victim is actually a vampire... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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K S (de) wrote: I enjoyed "The Hollars" tremendously. Good writing, good humor, and a great cast!

Andrew M (fr) wrote: What's the point of a coming-of-age story if the subjects that come of age are so unlikeable? Such is the problem with Palo Alto, the directorial debut of Gia Coppola, based on the memoir by James Franco. Following the intersecting stories of three troubled teens in the titular California city, these struggles should allow for some degree of empathy, but they just don't. It's hard to become invested in a trio of characters whose lives allow them to attend parties, get drunk and smoke weed on a regular basis, and generally have life well-off for them. When the characters face consequences for their constant rebellion and mischief, they mope around for how bad their life is, and then immediately go back to doing the same things they were reprimanded. In a similar vein, it's hard to relate to a questionable relationship between student and teacher, or an alcoholic who mindlessly gets himself in more trouble, or a borderline psycho whose personality rides not only the line of being dangerous, but is extremely obnoxious. There's no character here to truly immerse ourselves into, and that serves as a detriment to what could be a free-floating slice-of-life film about a section of the country that many might not be all that familiar with.The problem is trying to pinpoint why this story doesn't work. Surely it's not the direction of first-timer Gia Coppola, who shows the same technical skill of aunt Sofia. It's likely not Franco's source material, a series of semi-autobiographical short stories that, in theory, could work as a sort of Dazed and Confused esque tale of teenage troubles intertwining. It's not the acting: the three leads, Emma Roberts, Nat Wolff, and Jack Kilmer (son of Val, who has a very minor role of his own), all fit their roles well, but are simply stuck playing very unlikeable characters. Perhaps it's Coppola's adaptation of Franco's work itself. Maybe it's an accurate portrayal of the Palo Alto teen lifestyle, but when accuracy takes away from levity, it takes away more than it gives an in-depth look at such lifestyles.

Antwan J J (br) wrote: wow what a powerful and moving film of pain, loss, and tragedy though where there's loss prayer,self discovery,forgiveness, and love are never far behind you could be damaged,hurt but not completely broken thus becoming stronger mentally , physically and spiritually kudos to the cast and director

Jacob K (nl) wrote: Good movie. It was funny, charming, and quirky. I would recommend seeing it

Jessica H (us) wrote: His film was way ahead of its time in so many ways.

Sylvester E (fr) wrote: I watched this film for the first time yesterday. It's a film that I think all of you guys will enjoy. James Cagney is a sure delight in this role...Njoy!!!