Night Creatures

Night Creatures

In 18th-century England, the Royal Crown sends Royal Navy Captain Collier and his crew to investigate reports of illegal smuggling and bootlegging in a coastal town where locals believe in Marsh Phantoms.

When the small town is disturbed by the mysterious Marsh Phantom, Captain Collier is sent from London to investigate the case. The Captain suspects that the local parson who is former pirate turned village vicar is hiding something... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Callisto Jane L (fr) wrote: l-am vazut

Philip W (au) wrote: Robert Downey Jr. makes another quality film starring as Sherlock Holmes and thanks to more intricate action scenes, engaging story, and less drag throughout the run time, A Game Of Shadows proves to be just as entertaining, if not better than the first installment . Although some scenes can feel out of place or just range into simply bizarre territory, it's still a quality written film with excellent dialogue and stunning action shots throughout.

Jamie C (br) wrote: Not a bad film a good mixture of a teen drama and war, It was better than I thought but I knew it wasn't going to be a classic but worth a watch.

Dyron W (jp) wrote: Nowhere near as worst as other follow ups to Jim Carrey films sans Jim Carrey (Dumb and Dumberer, Son of the Mask), I was actually amused by this sequel to Bruce Almighty despite the radical change of character for the titular Evan (a smug and competitive asshole in the original, a nice and loving family in this film).

Connor B (fr) wrote: I don't always buy the romance between Amsterdam and Jenny, but other than that, and one or two other problems, the film is a very strong work by Scorsese.

Jacob F (mx) wrote: Perfect blend of the Western and Horror genres. HPD is one of Eastwood's best westerns.

Eric R (br) wrote: One look on the back of the box artwork and you will notice that the filmmakers committed the ultimate sin.... "Assassination" is only rated PG-13. A Charles Bronson film produced by actionploitation masters Cannon Films and it's only rated PG fucking 13! A Charles Bronson/Cannon film is supposed to be a bloodbath with a body count that rivals "RoboCop" and "Total Recall." This unholy abomination rivals such decisions as toning down "Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome", "RoboCop 3", "AVP: Alien vs. Predator" and "Live Free and Die Hard" to PG-13 drivel. Not that I'm against the PG-13 rating as I am a fan of many films that are rated this but when I go into a Charles Bronson vehicle, which is EXACTLY what "Assassination" is, I expect violent action. This is like serving pizza with no pizza sauce or a Bacardi and milk with no alcohol (sorry, I had to make a reference the peculiar drink from "Ark of the Sun God")! Sadly, the lack of violent action is not the only problem with this feeble attempt to make another "action" vehicle for the aging and still tough-as-nails Chuck Bronson.I knew I was in for another late 80's Cannon cheap-jack film when the film's opening credits were composed of aerial stock footage of Washington D.C. complete with music lifted from Cannon's wonderfully cheesy Chuck Norris film "Invasion U.S.A." They didn't even have enough money have a new score composed?! We are then introduced to Charles Bronson who is the head of the secret service. His job becomes a living hell when the new president takes office and he is assigned to protect the bitchy first lady (played by Bronson's real life wife Jill Ireland). Soon she becomes target for assassination so Bronson escapes with her to keep her alive as he investigates and soon finds out the hired assassins are coming right out of the White House! Predicable bickering and sexual tension ensue.Action director Peter Hunt (director of the excellent Bronson film "Death Hunt" and the underrated James Bond thriller "On Her Majesty's Secret Service") seems to be on autopilot and Bronson's performance seems like he's board, questioning his on dignitary on why he agreed to do such a drab action film. Bronson's wife Jill Ireland does her job as well as she can by making the first lady an absolute bitch that eventually comes around but it's a rather thankless role.The film is just sloppy. Everything from execution to the writing is just half-ass. Charles Bronson's stunt doubles are obvious, the special effects are laugh inducing (watch for the exploding helicopter!), the plot is completely predictable and the characters are one dimensional. What the hell was up with Bronson's awkward love sequence with his much younger (as half his age) female partner?"Assassination" is a bad film but all these bad qualities could have been stomachable if it had some good violent action that we crave from Bronson outputs, especially his Cannon outputs. Was "Death Wish" 3 or 4 good films? Hell no but there were awesome due to the fact they were so gratuitous with the violence and action that they almost became live action cartoons. Those were trashy entertainment! Assassination is not focusing more an a lame romance subplot and ends up an extreme disappointment from the Cannon factory. The sad part is that this was one of Jill Ireland's last films as she was sick with breast cancer at the time (she even wears a wig during the movie). It's a damn shame that her last film she would make with her husband would be something as forgettable as "Assassination."

Joey F (fr) wrote: Despite its ground breaking achievements, I do think this is the weakest of the Disney golden age. The story is lame, the characters aren't interesting, and most of the scenes are just boring. Bambi's relationship with his mother is what makes this watchable, but that obviously doesn't last the whole movie if you know what I mean.

David J (ca) wrote: Typical Herzogian goodness, gorgeous score, fascinating images.

TMCA L (kr) wrote: Finding Neverland is about what real events and real relationships that gave Sir James Matthew Barrie (played by Johnny Depp) envisioned a world that once was so wondrous and perilous; that both kids, and adults know and carry deep in their hearts, and always remembered 'Peter Pan'. I loved it, when they showed the parts with the play in it; it brought me back to when I was a young boy and believed in fairies at that play to help keep tinker bell alive; and I think it will be the same when other people see those parts. But there's more than nostalgia when you saw the play; this film is also a very heartfelt drama, it's also just as creative just as James Matthew Barrie. I recommend it. Johnny Depp gives an Oscar worthy performance.

Mark S (nl) wrote: rather grim and disappointing.

Jeremiah L (de) wrote: Kind of dumb. A buffalo version of Jaws where the buffalo inhabits the mountain and busts through rock as he sees fit. Not even Slim Pickens salvaged this one.